Delay In Marriage Than By These Remedies Can Get A Suitable Life Partner


The bond of marriage is considered unbreakable and lovely. Because in marriage two people connect with each other through marriage and many new relationships are formed with them, that is why marriage is considered very sacred in Hinduism. Along with this, marriage is also very important in astrology. Sometimes due to some circumstances, the person is not able to marry. Because of this, the person has to face disappointment.

Importance Of Marriage In Astrology

Kundli match matching is considered very important according to Marriage predictions, as it is considered auspicious for marriage. But sometimes problems arise in marriage and these problems arise due to planetary positions. Let us tell you that if the planetary position is not right in the Kundli of the native, then the marriage of the native does not take place or problems start coming in the marriage of the native.

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If the Dasha of Jupiter is not correct in the horoscope of a girl, then that girl does not get married or after getting married there are problems in marriage. This is the reason why planetary positions are considered important in astrology. Similarly, if the condition of the planets in a boy’s horoscope is not correct, then he will have to face problems. Let us tell you that due to these planetary conditions, the relationships made for marriage also break. But you can get rid of all these troubles with the help of surefire remedies of astrology.

Astrological Reasons For Not Getting Married

  • If there is Manglik Dosh in the Kudli of a person, then he cannot marry the boy or girl of his choice.
  • If the planetary position in a girl’s Kudli is not correct, then she will not be able to marry the boy of her choice.
  • Due to the condition of the planet Saturn, the girl is not able to marry the boy of her choice.
  • The planet Jupiter also creates obstacles in a marriage. If the Dasha of the planet Jupiter is not right in the Kundli of the native, then he/she will face obstacles in a marriage.
  • Jupiter is seen in the Kundli for marriage, which is why Jupiter is considered very important in a person’s Kundli.
  • If the planet Venus is not in the right position in a person’s Kundli, then they will have to face obstacles in their love marriage.
  • If the Dasha of Venus is not right in a girl’s Kundli, then she will face obstacles in getting married to the boy of her choice.

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Ways To Marry Desired Partner

  • If the planet Jupiter is weak in the horoscope of a girl, then measures should be taken to strengthen the planet Jupiter.
  • To strengthen the planet Jupiter, it is auspicious for a girl to wear the Jupiter gemstone Pukhraj.
  • If there is an obstacle in the marriage of the girl, then the girl should take a bath by adding turmeric to the water while taking a bath. He will get auspicious results from that.
  • If a girl wants to marry the boy of her choice, she should worship Lord Shiva.
  • The Banana trees should be worshiped to get a desired life partner.  on Sunday, a lamp of pure ghee should be lit in front of the banana tree along with reciting 108 names of the Guru. And water should also be offered. Along with this, one should pray by taking the name of the desired life partner. With this, the girl can marry the boy of her choice.
  • Native should offer water mixed with turmeric to the Sun God every morning. This gives auspicious results to the native.
  • To strengthen Venus, the mantra ‘Om Dran Drin Draun S: Shukray Namah’ (ओम द्राँ द्रीँ द्रौँ स: शुक्राय नम:) should be chant daily.
  • Natives should establish Shukra Yantra at the place of worship. And he should be worshipped. This gives auspicious results to the native and they are able to marry their choice.
  • Natives should worship Shiva Parvati. This gives auspicious results to the native and help is received in marrying the desired partner.

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If a boy or girl is capable, but they are not able to get married, then the reason for this can also be Kundali Dosh. In astrology, some such yogas of the horoscope have been told, due to which there is a delay in marriage. Due to these yogas, there are unnecessary obstacles in the marriage of a suitable boy or girl and even after many efforts, the marriage does not happen soon. If you are worried about your marriage then talk to astrologers.