How To Resolve Issues With Spouse?

issues-with Spouse

It is common for there to be discord between husband and wife, but when the matter reaches the level of daily fights and troubles, then it is necessary to stop this situation. Otherwise, these fights create a rift in the relationship between husband and wife.

When the seventh house in the horoscope is afflicted or the position of its lord is negative, then a situation of a fight with the spouse is created. There are some remedies suggested in astrology that can remove disputes between husband and wife and increase love between them. Also, by following these remedies, the conflict between husband and wife ends, and love increases in married life. Let us know about these measures…

For love and peace between couples

According to the marriage horoscope by date of birth, If the conflict between husband and wife has increased a lot in your life, then especially meditate on Lord Shiva in Saavan and regularly add milk, saffron, and red flowers in a pot of water and offer it to Shivalinga. This enhances the love between husband and wife.

Ways to bring your spouse closer

If your spouse has gone away from you due to a fight or any other reason, then to bring him closer or to convince him, write clean with vermilion on white paper on Wednesday of Sawan and keep it in the pocket and cupboard of any of your spouse’s clothes at home. Along with this, meditate on Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. When everything is right between the husband and wife, then float this slip in flowing water.

Worship Mother Parvati and Lord Shiva

To get rid of daily fights between husband and wife, regularly light a ghee lamp and worship in front of the idol or picture of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. Also, recite Shiv Chalisa regularly. After completion of the puja, pray to Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati for a happy married life. It is believed that if this remedy is done with full devotion and faith, then every wish is fulfilled and one gets relief from troubles.

Remedies related to Jupiter

According to astrology, if the planet Jupiter is not right in the horoscope of the husband and wife, then they have to face problems in marriage and marital life. To increase love between husband and wife, take 7 whole lumps of turmeric and tie them in yellow or turmeric-colored thread. Now holding them in hand, chant the mantra ‘Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevay’. Go to the temple and offer this garland to Lord Vishnu. It is believed that this increases happiness and love in married life. Also one gets mental peace.

This remedy from Lal Kitab is also effective

If husband or wife are inclined to fight on every issue, then they can bring happiness to the house by taking these measures for each other. For this, the wife should put vermillion on the husband’s bedside at night and the next day the husband should drop that vermillion anywhere. The wife should sleep with camphor by her bedside and burn it the next day. It is believed that the effect will be visible within a few days.

Also take these measures

Every Thursday, husband and wife should offer water together to the root of the banana tree. Apply turmeric or saffron tilak. Offer yellow clothes. This will maintain the love between husband and wife. Even if you are facing problems in the marriage of a marriageable boy or girl, your problem can be solved by taking these measures.


It is common for differences to arise between couples in a marital or love relationship. Don’t be afraid of fighting while living together. Fighting means you are together. But when the fighting increases too much then the peace of life goes away and life becomes filled with problems.

There is a solution to every human problem in the Hindu scriptures, hence a solution to every problem of a husband and wife has also been given. If such conflicts occur daily in your life, then it may be the fault of your planetary constellation. Talk to astrologers to know more about solutions to resolve issues with your spouse.

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