Vastu Shastra tips for buying plots

As per Vastu for plots are considered a laborious task. While purchasing land, the presence of rocks, fertility of the soil, its smell, color, etc. In ancient times, due to an agriculture-based economy, all these points were checked while purchasing land.

While purchasing any property, the first thing to consider is its size. The rule of Vastu Shastra, the plat ground is thought best stand by building construction. Square land brings peace, prosperity, and happiness to the lives of those living in that place.

While purchasing land, the second thing to be considered is the level of the place. If the ground level of the land is sloping towards North-East and is high in the South-West then such property helps in bringing prosperity in life. If you want to know more information about Vastu Shastra for buying a plot, an online astrology consultation can help you.

Vastu Tips For Plot Shape

In Vastu Shastra, many criteria have been mentioned to judge the shape and type of land. Based on these, we can be able to know if the asset is a valuable purchase or not.

  • A fertile land, where there are fruit trees, beautiful flowering plants, and lush green grass, such land is considered very suitable for building a building.
  • Land that does not have water or is at great depth should not be purchased.
  • Any land around which there is a temple, ashram, school, college, hospital, graveyard, or garbage dumping site is considered inauspicious in Vastu. One should avoid buying it.
  • A plot that is small in size and has big trees like mango, peepal, neem, white fig, etc should not be purchased.
  • If the size of the land is large and even after constructing buildings there is sufficient distance from trees and plants, then such land should be considered best and purchased.

It is also important to keep in mind that the direction in which the plot is facing (main gate) also has a positive or negative impact on the people living there. If the plot is North or East facing then it is considered auspicious but if it is West facing then its auspiciousness reduces. According to Vastu experts, buying a south-facing plot should be avoided as much as possible.

Effects of Irregular Shape of the Plots

The shape of the plot (square, rectangular, circular, triangular, etc.) has great importance in Vastu. Different shapes of land have different effects on the people living there.

  • A square or rectangular shape of land is considered to be the best shape. If the plot is rectangular then the ratio of length and breadth should not exceed 1:2.
  • A plot facing North or North-East brings happiness, wealth, and mental peace to the people living there.
  • The plots whose west part faces North-East are considered best for women organizations and politicians. If the plot is protruding in the southwest, it symbolizes loss of money and mental unrest for the people living there.
  • Plots in which the North part is towards North-West bring negative effects for the people living there. Women especially remain unhappy, start incurring losses in business and due to expenditure exceeding income, mental unrest also takes hold.
  • If the eastern part of your plot is protruding towards the southwest, then you have to face problems in government-related matters.
  • In those plots where the southern part is protruding towards South-East or South-West, the people living there are always in trouble. The residents there always have to face financial problems and heart-related problems. The women living there are also troubled by stress and health-related reasons.
  • Gomukhi plot, which looks like a cow’s mouth (wider at the back and narrower at the front), is considered best for building a house.
  • Singhmukhi plot (wide at the front and narrow at the back like a lion’s face) is considered best for building a business and shop instead of a house. If a house is built on such a plot, then the people living there are always worried, but if such a plot is facing north or east, then it can be considered suitable for building a house to some extent.
  • The best land for both home and business purposes is considered to be the land which has roads all around it.
  • If there is a hill, mountain, or high mound in the south or west direction of the plot, then such a plot is considered very good.

Vaastu For Plots Shapes: Things to Avoid

If you want to buy a perfect plot or flat as per Vastu then you should avoid the following things.

  • A plot in which water storage or water place is in a South or West direction is considered inauspicious. On the contrary, it is better to buy a place where there is water like a borewell, pond, river, etc. in the north or east direction of the plot and is square or rectangular.
  • It is not advisable to have a small plot between two larger plots. Therefore, one should avoid buying such plots.
  • According to Vastu experts, one should not buy land or a house near a cemetery or crematorium even by mistake.
  • One should not buy a plot with an irregular shape (like triangular, hexagonal, octagonal, circular, or criss-cross shape).

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