A Truthful Recognition to the Significance of Number Plates

The license plates in a vehicle stand as its registration evidence that proves its legality to run on the state or country roads. These number plates consist of a unique combination of alphabets, state code, and a number that distinguishes a vehicle from one another. These plates are placed at the front & rear sides of the vehicle in order to give a scope of easy recognition. But there is more significance to these license plates, and this article intends to cover those aspects on priority.

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In this article, you will get a clear glimpse into the detailed significance of a license plate. By the end of this article, you will be proficiently ready to take vehicle registrations pretty much seriously!

The Worth of Number Plates in Vehicles! 

Different countries across the globe have different rules for licensing their country’s vehicles. But the sole purpose of their existence remains the same. The vehicle license plates are categorised into private numbers and commercial numbers. And the idea of giving unique numbers to them is that the government of different countries needs to keep track of which vehicle belongs to whom, even if they are of the same type, color, and model. There are many things that these plates resemble, which includes:

1. Ownership Records

An automobile company makes more than one vehicle of the same type, model, and color. And many people might have the same preferences in terms of their choice of car. Therefore, it becomes important for car companies, government departments, and other authorities to keep track of ownership records.

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There is a completely different set of requirements and processes adopted to register different types of vehicles. Recognizing the car by its number is not just for the government records but also helps ensure the security of the vehicle from theft. Hence, it is also beneficial for the owners!

2. Accidental Identification

There are many scenarios where vehicles meet with accidents, and there is a humongous loss of property and life. In such scenarios, it becomes really important for a vehicle to have registration or number plates, to help the officials recognize the identity of the car owner.

Hence, you can conclude that these license plates have significance in order to help with accidental identifications for emergency needs. It is one of the most important and crucial significances of having license plates in cars and other such motor vehicles.

3. Insurance Claims

The number plate of your car, truck or SUV is what will help you claim the insurance during accidents or damages caused to your car. If your vehicle is not registered with the official transportation department of your government, then no insurance companies will cover your vehicle for compensation.

The license plate of a vehicle is fed with the chassis and engine number in order to validate the authenticity of a vehicle and its license number. It is because engine and chassis numbers cannot be vandalized, as they are permanent records that are with brands right from the manufacturing phase.

The insurance companies offer their service only after the registration of a vehicle is complete. Following that, at the time of claim, the insurance company validates the vehicle number, its chassis, and engine numbers to process the claim further.

Varying Types of Number Plates

Currently, there are different colors and types of number plates available across the globe with respect to specific countries. Each country has special recognition for different colored license plates over their cars. One such country that is very specific towards distinguishing vehicle types based upon their colors is India.

India has five different color recognitions for their license plates across the country, which includes:

  • White background with black letters & numbers indicates private vehicles.
  • Yellow background with black letters & numbers indicates commercial vehicles.
  • Black background with yellow letters & numbers indicates rental vehicle.
  • Blue background with white letters & numbers indicates the vehicle’s ownership to a foreign consulate or embassy.
  • Green background with white letters & numbers indicates electric vehicles.
  • Red background with India’s National Emblem is for the vehicles for the Indian President or one of the Governors.

Similarly, different countries have different recognitions for their own country-wise vehicles. The categories of vehicles might be the same, but the recognizing color, factor, and details might vary from that of India. You must check the official websites of transportation authorities of different countries, to gain knowledge.  


These are a few of the things that explains the true significance of number plates. It is not just for the sake of deciding ownership of a vehicle. But it also categorizes the type and other such aspects associated with a vehicle. Moreover, it is an evident documental aspect for different authorities to process any kind of request related to your car. Some probable requests are company fuel compensations, converting private to a commercial vehicle, lost complaints, insurance claims, etc. So, never drive your vehicle without a license plate on it.