Mistakes You Need to Avoid with Postcard Printing


A postcard marketing campaign is one of the most affordable forms of direct mail marketing. It can help you reach out to your potential and existing customers. Postcards are being used since time immemorial.

With postcard printing, you can generate leads. It can be used for promoting special coupons and offers. Often businesses use it to introduce a new service or product. Postcards are easy to create and have the potential to generate a higher response rate.

But to make sure you can enjoy all the benefits it has to offer, design it correctly. Often, people end up making mistakes. So, to help you,

We are going to list the top mistakes you need to avoid with postcard print and mail service.

1. Not Targeting the Top Prospects

Targeting the postcards to the wrong audience only means a waste of money and time. Hence, you need to make sure that you are sending your postcards to the top postcards. Every detail of the postcard campaign needs to focus on and customize to this top target audience. So, design the postcard accordingly.

You should understand what your potential audience is looking for and provide them with the detail as to how you can solve their problem. This will help you get the best response rate.

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2. Not Setting a Specific Goal

A postcard you are printing should have a specific goal. Your goal might be to get your old customers back or attract new ones. Postcards can also be used to develop sales leads. So, you have to decide on the goal before you print and mail postcards online. Only when you decide on the goal, you can create the right call-to-action for your postcard.

3. Not Adding a CTA

The aim of postcard printing is to drive your receivers to take action. Adding a simple, clean, and easy call-to-action to the postcard will encourage recipients to take the required action. The action needs to align with your postcard printing goals and be the next step you would like your recipient to take, such as visit your website, call you, or use a coupon code.

Motivate your users further by adding a tone of urgency, such as including a limited-time offer. You need to ensure that the CTA you are adding to the postcard is trackable as this gives you a fair idea about the campaign’s success.

4. Sending Out Only One Postcard

Another big mistake people tend to make is to send out only one mail. Your postcard marketing campaign should have multiple mailing in a single list. Repetitive and consistent mailings are more effective than one-time mail. If someone notices your brand name over and over again, it will build familiarity and credibility. Even though it might take a number of contacts with customers before it can lead to a sale, the eventual improvement in the revenue offsets the small price of postcard printing.

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5. No Clear Message

When you print a postcard from postcard printing services with an unclear message, it can spoil the effectiveness of its campaign. In this fast-paced world, people hardly have any patience. So, you just have a few seconds to persuade your reader. Hence, the message that you are including in the postcards has to convince the recipient.

Being with an attractive and short headline for hooking the reader to the postcard. Make sure that you clearly communicate one key message and mention the main benefit, which focuses on the needs of the recipient and how your business can solve their problem. But you shouldn’t just include everything since you have limited space and shorter attention spans.

Use simple language and keep the message concise. Avoid longer paragraphs and jargon. Instead of sentences and use bullet points, if possible, to list the key features of your product or service. Make sure that you proofread the copy of your postcard. It should not have spelling or grammatical errors. This ensures that they do not sound unprofessional and spoil your image.