Blogging Beginners Guide – How to Make, create or Start a blog in 2022


How to start a Blog ( Free Guide For Beginners in 2022)

In this post we are discussing about How to start a Blog for Beginners .Because Blogging is a very good method to make money online. These days many new bloggers are joining the online world to make money. If you are a student then you can make a nice side income with blogging. But if you are new and want to make a blog then you need to learn a lot before starting a blog. In this post we are Revealing all the secrets of Blogging to get an awesome start with your brand New Blog. So we are writing How to start a Blog step by step Guide.

You may Be thinking that “How to start a Blog ?

How to Make Money with your Blog ?

How to get traffic on your blog ?

In this post you will get all the answers. Many new blogger think that just make a blog and your earning will start from the next day, No you have to wait for a long to get income from your blog.

Do not copy other’s article in your blog. You can Do nothing if you are copying. So Read this full article How to start a Blog to get started with a Blog for Money making.

How to start a Blog(Free Guide For Beginners in 2022)

Blogging Guide For Beginners :

We are describing all the things you need to know before starting a blog from start to end. Just read this article and you will get the whole idea to start a awesome blog as soon as possible. You can check out all the stuff. We have tried to answer all the question about start a blog but if you wish to ask any question then you are welcomed at the comment box below to this Post. So lets’s get started –

What is a Blog ?

May be some people have this question that “What is a Blog ? “. Then your answer is “Blog is just like a diary in which you write something and publish but it is online.” This is the simplest definition of Blog. In other Words Blog is place where you can share your stuff worldwide, Write about you, Write about anything that you wish, Teach other People. These days you can earn a lot with your blog. So keep reading this post How to start a Blog to know all the things about Blogging .

How much Can I earn From A blog ?

This is the most asked question about blogging. People ask about blogging earning that how much they can make with a Blog? then answer is You can earn without any limit from a blog. But remember that if you are starting a new blog you can’t earn much as you think. Because Google Adsense will approve your Request when you website is 6 Months older. You have to work harder to be a famous blogger and attract advertiser to your site. So keep calm and wait to make money.

How to Make a Blog ?

After reading What is a Blog ?

We hope you got a brief idea about blogging that what we have to do. Now its time to know that how to make a blog ?

It depends totally on you that you want to make a free blog or a paid Blog. If you can’t afford a paid blog then you can make a free blog.

We are describing both of the ways. If you want to make a huge money and want to customize your blog according to you then we suggest you to start with a paid blogging. The cost of paid blogging is not too high you can start a blog in around $30 to $40 per year.

So check out the both Paid and free Blogs but we are giving preference to paid blogging in this article.

How to Make a Blog For Free ?

There are many platform on which you can make your free blog. Google and WordPress are the most famous free blog provider. There are many other website development on them you can make your blog but they are not optimized like wordpress or Blogger.

If you want to know which one is better Blogger Or WordPress?

Then you can read below and choose which one is best for you. We are Working on a Paid Blog. You can see about paid blog Below in this post How to start a Blog in 2022.

Blogger :

If you are going to start a blog today and you don’t have enough knowledge then you can make your blog on Blogger easily for free. Blogger is the best option because it is a Google’s product. Some key features of Blogger are Given Below

• 15 GB space for free
• Easy To access
• Friendly user interface
• Best for beginners
• Easy to Optimize
• Easy Google webmaster access
• All themes available

So if you are ready to make a blog with blogger then you can visit the below link to get started Start Blog with Blogger

WordPress :

WordPress blogs are more advanced then the Blogger. But if you are making a free blog then in my opinion Blogger is better. On WordPress blog you can easily do anything that you want to do. WordPress is user friendly. Some key Features of WordPress are given below :

• 3 GB space (less then Blogger)
• User Friendly
• Easy to Optimize
• Only Some theme available in free version

To start a blog with WordPress then follow the below link

Start blog with WordPress

So we Can easily say that if you want to make a free blog then you can prefer Blogger. We are also using Blogger for one of my Blog. How to start a Blog will tell you some more do’s or Don’t about Blogging.

How to Make a Paid Blog ?

Now its time to make a paid blog. To make a self hosted blog you have to purchase a hosting plan from any host like iPage, Hostgator, Bluehost and many more other. We are using Hostgator and we also suggest you to buy with Hostgator because this is the best hosting Web hosting provider.

How to start a Blog : Step By Step Guide –

This is the time to explain each and every step to start a blog to understand better for a newbie blogger. So take some time to read this post you will get all the details here which you need to know to start a blog. So let’s get started –

Find a Domain name and web hosting provider

What is Domain name ?

Domain name is the address of your website where people can find you, we can say it URL also. This is just like your house address over the internet because people visit to your blog if they know your domain name. Let’s take an example – Facebook’s domain is or . You can choose your domain name what you want provided that the domain name is available for you.

The cost of a domain is around $7 per year, but if you follow the links in our article you can get it for free. After purchasing a domain name your blog domain will look like

What is Web hosting ?

This is the main home of your blog where all data will be stored. You have to point your domain toward your Hosting account otherwise you can’t use your domain. Web hosting is just like your Hard drive which stores your all data safely and provide information to the users that visit to your domain address.

Places to find Domain Name and web hosting

There are thousand of domain name and hosting provider over the internet. Every blogger should need to know some basic things before choosing a web host

Things to know while choosing web host

• Your web host should be famous and well known like Hostgator, Bluehost.
• Page Load Speed should be fast.
• 100% uptime guarantee.
• 24/7 support

these are some basic and essential things that you have to know before starting a blog.
We are using and recommend you to use HostGator as your Domain name and web hosting provider. Because they provides the fastest page speed and 100% uptime guarantee.

As we are also using HostGator for our blog and Hostgator is performing very well. We also like the their easy and awesome support section.

How to start a blog |Lets Get started –

1.Visit HostGator and Choose your Plan

this is the homepage of Hostgator but your landing page may be different from here. Now simply click on the Get started Now button. You will be taken to the below screen.

We highly recommend you to buy the Baby Plan because in Hatchling plan you can only host a single domain. So go for Baby Plan by clicking on Sign Up now.

2. Choose Your Domain

Now its time to choose your domain according to your blog idea. We suggest you choose a nice and short Domain that is easy to remember and eye catching. Do not use other famous trademarks like adidas, whatsapp and all in your domain name. Now you have your Domain name ready –

3. Choose you Hosting Plan :

Choose you hosting plan according to your use but we suggest you to choose Baby Plan.

Enter your billing information :

This is time to enter your details and billing information. You can choose Paypal or credit card as your payment method. You don’t need to worry this is 100% secure transaction.

Add Additional Services:

These all are additional services it’s totally depends on you that you want to add them or not. You can skip these services if you want. You can add these services later when you need them. Simply ask HostGator customer care to add these services.

Review your order and complete your order:

That is final step towards your subscription to domain name and hosting plan. Just pay a little amount and you will get your web hosting and domain.

Now you have – Your domain name:
Your Hosting Plan : As your Wish
Now you are ready with your hosting and Domain name now you have to do some more action to get your Blog ready.

Login to your hosting and install wordpress on your Domain:

After your subscription you will get an email from HostGator. This email contains your password and your control panel address. Simply open your control panel by clicking on the given URL. Your control panel URL will look like Simply visit to this URL and Login to it you will see this screen

Now simply click on Get started with WordPress and select the domain on witch you want to install the wordpress and Choose a directory to installing wordpress.

Enter your Site name User name and other details and your wordpress will be installed.

You will get an email containing your user name and password to login to wordpress. Now you are ready with your domain with wordpress installed you can login to your account by visiting

Getting Familiar with WordPress:

Now you have your blog with wordpress installed on it. Now its time to know some basic things about WordPress and its dashboard.

WordPress is famous for its simple and easy to understand look. When you login to your WordPress Dashboard you will be redirected to this page. Now its time to Check some basic google trends keyword planner that wordpress use.

1 . Dashboard :

The above picture is your WordPress dashboard. Dashboard is just a summery of your blog. It shows the number of posts, number of comments and many more things.

2. Posts :

This area have you all posts that you have written on your blog and all of your drafts, trash. You get a option to add a new post and add a new category of post here.

3. Media :

In media section you will get all of your uploaded media link images with good captions to optimize, videos and other files.

4.Pages :

In this section you can create new pages and can manage your all old pages that you have already made on your blog.


All the comments made by your user are listed in this section. You can add a comment, delete a comment and you can modify a comment from here.

6. Appearance :

This section is to make you site looks good. Here you can add new themes to your Blog and you can also edit them according to your wish.

7. Plugins :

WordPress plugins are something that helps your wordpress to execute some awesome stuff. In simple language plugins helps you to make a lot of things easier to you.

8. Users :

In this section you can create a new user. You can also modify your own profile.


These tools helps you to import and export your data from other blogs.

10. Settings :

This section have some reading and writing settings for your blog.

Get an awesome look for your blog :

After understanding the basic terms of WordPress its time to make your blog’s look awesome. Now you have to install a nice wordpress theme that you like for your blog. You can upload a theme in appearance section by going

Appearance >> Themes >> add new >> Upload a theme >> activate theme

there are thousands of free wordpress theme that you can use but we suggest you to buy a premium theme for your blog.

Premium themes are blaze fast in loading and as you know that these days site loading time is a very important factor in SEO. So we suggest you to check out some cool themes with a huge discount from ThemesCircle

Add a plugin For some more feature :

You have to add some plugins to your blog to get some cool features like Social Bookmarking Sites network like buttons and Seo services and Some cache cleaner plugins.

You will get all ideas about plugin when you start using WordPress for two or three days. check out how to install or upload a plugin-Plugins>> Add new >>Search Or upload Plugin >>Active Plugin

Add Post And Pages to your blog:

Now its time to show your writing skills to the world. You can add posts and pages in your blog. You have to write some awesome and unique content in your blog to get success as soon as possible. We suggest you to never copy any article from other Blogs this will make your repo down.

Check out the below Techniques to write some awesome search engine optimized content. Now you need to Write A blog Post on it and publish it. While writing a Good and search engine optimized post you need to follow some steps Given Below in How to start a Blog? :

How to Write a Awesome Search Engine Optimized Post ?

To write a nice Post you need to care these things :

Post Title

The first important thing in your post is your post title. Your Post title should be fair and attractive. Try to use focus keyword in your post title.

Keyword & Keyword Density :

Your article should be focused. You need to select a focus keyword. Repeat your focus keyword in post and it density will be 0.5% – 2% .

Headings and Subheading

Make heading and subheading in your post don’t write everything in just a single paragraph.

Never Copy Paste

Its very Important because some new blogger just copy and paste in their blog. If you Do this you will never get success at all. write your own articles. To know more about Post writing Technique, Search engine optimization and how to do SEO you can check out our SEO post.

After a nice post your On Page SEO is Complete now you need to do Off Page Seo

How to start a Blog – OFF Page SEO

Now you need to ping your post to search engine

How to Ping a Post ?

when you write a post you need to say all the search engine that I have written a Post to do this you need to ping your Post after publish. To ping your post you can you one of these sites given below
After ping your post Google will index your post after some time. If your blog is new then Google will take almost 24 HRS to show your post in Google search results. If you want to get indexed fast by Google you can simply follow the steps that are given for Indexing your Site fast in Google

After it you need to create Backlinks to your website.

What is a Backlink ?

Backlink is a clickable link of your website on other website. You have seen many people sharing their post on facebook Marketing Packages and other social network they simply creating backlinks to their blog as well as some visitors.

Why Backlinks are important ?

Backlinks are the backbone of your Blog or website. Ranking in search engine are based on the Quality of your Backlinks. If you Want to know how to get quality Backlink, Why Get quality Backlinks then follow Get Dofollow baklinks post.

So guys these are some essential steps for start a Blog. If you are a new blogger then you can’t make huge money at starting but after some time you can make enough money for you. When your blog is new you have less traffic if you want to increase your traffic you need to share more and more and you have to do better SEO that you can rank higher in search engine to know about SEO you can follow our Guide on Latest SEO Techniques. If you want to read more about increasing traffic you can simply Follow increase traffic on your Blog
We hope that you like this article how to start a Blog For Beginners.

We have interlinked this post with our other post for your better understanding. If you have any question or other query then you are welcomed at our comment box. Do not forgot to share this post how to start a Blog in 2022 with your friends May be they can make huge with Blogging.