Email Marketing – How Frequently Should You E-mail Your Subscribers?


As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t take my inbox lightly. I’m not going to sign up for a newsletter unless I know I’m going to get awesome content and awesome notes delivered to my inbox on the reg (but not too regularly). Sometimes, people will tell you right off the bat when you’ll hear from them and what you should expect to see.

Their opt-in might say that every Tuesday you’ll have a new recipe waiting in your inbox or each month you’ll get caught up on the highlights from the past month. Sometimes, biz owners just send you important information when they see fit.

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I’m going to share some experiences I’ve had when signing up for newsletters so that you can see what goes through a subscribers mind depending on how frequent your e-mails pop up.

A couple weeks ago I stumbled upon a blog and LOVED it. I thought the web design was oozing creativity and the content was really helpful. Of course I signed up for the newsletter! Over the course of 6 days, I received 8 e-mails from this biz owner.

I didn’t even bother to open the last couple e-mails because I was so overwhelmed that I had just signed up for this newsletter and had been pitched 3 different products in under a week. If these e-mails were more spread out, then I would have been totally fine with it.

Let your subscribers get to know you a little first and send them valuable information so that when you do pitch your product, they feel a connection and have trust in you. Also, by pitching multiple products all in a short time frame, your subscribers are going to assume that your next e-mail is just a promotional e-mail and may not even open it.

Don’t worry, your subscribers aren’t going to forget you exist just because they haven’t seen an e-mail from you in a week.

Whether you send an e-mail once a week or once a month, make sure you include incredible information so they’ll love seeing your name pop up and once you do promote a product, they’ll be all over it.

On the other end of the spectrum, a few months back I discovered a blogger and biz owner that had me hooked pretty quickly – inviting me to a free webinar and showing me where I could find past free webinars.

I read through her blog which had been updated regularly and signed up for her newsletter. For about a month I would hear from her pretty regularly and honestly I loved getting her e-mails because they were so authentic and had great action tips.

Well, she went radio silent for months and by the time she e-mailed me again I literally thought to myself “oh man I totally forgot about her!”. You can’t just be on top of your game when it’s convenient for you or else you could risk losing your loyal customers and audience.

Make sure that even if you have a month long trip to Europe planned, you have some e-mails lined up to go out automatically while you’re sipping wine and gazing over the Tuscan skyline(hey a girl can dream, right?!). Or even a “hey you’ll notice that I’ll be a little quiet on the blog but you can follow my adventure over on Instagram” would be a great heads up and they won’t wonder where their fav blogger has disappeared to.
Action Tips.

When you’re filling out your content calendar, take the time to fill in when you’ll send out e-mails and what topics they’ll cover. This way you can visually see what days you’ll be sending e-mails with content and what days you’ll include promoting products. Keeping track of what topics you sent e-mails on and when you sent them will help you plan for future e-mail topics.

If you’re not sure how often you want to send e-mails to your list, plan to test sending at different frequencies and track your open rates and conversion rates.

See which frequencies get you the highest rates – is it weekly, bi-weekly, monthly?

Stick with the option that proves to be the most effective and that you can keep up with.

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