How Long Should Your Post Titles Be?


This question was asked in one of the forums recently and it caught my attention.

In fact, it could be any blogger’s question. Let’s see what options we have.

Two perspectives to it.

1 – Blogger’s perspective

2 – WordPress perspective


For blogger’s there are limited options but we have a good chance to write SEO friendly title.

In blogger,when you give long titles for your posts, it is truncated to a shorter version by default. So if you had given – My first post for you to read, the URL would come across as – my-first-post-for.html

As you noticed, the rest of the entry is truncated. Though Google does not have an official document to support this, it’s safe to assume that Google will allow maximum 10 characters or near in their post permalinks.

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In order to make your post titles SEO friendly, I would advice that you place your important keywords at the start of the title.
Ex:- Mesothelioma-reports-post.html is better than the-reports-post-on-meso.html

If you put the important keywords to the right, then it may get truncated, which makes it non SEO friendly.


WordPress users are at a luxury in this case, since wordpress will take up the entire length of your title in to their permalink.
Ex:- If your title is “Mesothelioma reports from america and argentina” then your permalink will be “Mesothelioma-reports-from-america-and-argentina”

So, as a general rule, it’s good to keep your post titles optimally around 100 characters. particularly blogspot bloggers, who are at a risk of getting their titles truncated.