How To Write Good Captions For The Image To Optimize In Search Engine

How to Write Captions for Image for better Optimization In Search Engine

How to write good captions for the image to optimize in search engines. It is very important In SEO to optimize images also to get more traffic in search engines. Now the question arises on how to optimize images in search engines.

If you want to optimize your images in the search engines you would have to write good captions for the images. So in these articles, we will learn how to write Good captions to optimize In search engine let’s start how to write good captions for images.

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These are the following things which you have to write good captions for images: You have to write all about the Wh question about the image. Every caption has basically three parts. We will see now what are the three parts and how to write these parts.

Who, what, where, when

You have to describe all about who is in the image, what they are doing in photos, where the photograph Is taken, and when the photograph is taken, you have to describe all the things about these things in the first statement. We will see by writing statements for some images.

Why or  Message through the photograph

Write all the reasons about what’s the reason behind publishing these images, don’t forget to give the message which you want to give using this photograph. Write the message in the summary of that message In the second statement.

Credit and release line

You have to write all about the release. Who has taken these images? Give a lot of thanks to him because he has taken your images. Give a thankful brief message for taking images to give credit to the photographer. This all should be written briefly so as to write the good captions for the images. It might help you to write a good caption for the images.

One thing I wanted to tell you is that this is basically all about how you can write the good captions for the might be useful for you to optimize your blog post in search engines using the good caption but it is different from how to optimize images for SEO in WordPress.