Don’t know what content to post on your networks? Follow these tips.

As we have heard for years in hundreds of places and platforms, be it seminars, courses on digital marketing, vlogs, movie trailers on YouTube, etc.. And the important thing for your brand to grow on social networks is the type of content you create.

What is content?

The content for social networks is nothing more than a whole series of visual or audiovisual material that we can classify into:




Within these communication formats, the true essence of the brand will be shown.

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The important thing about content is knowing how to use it to show it most appropriately and that it manages to impact what the brand wants on the social network. For that reason, everything that is uploaded to the profile must be content that is highly rich in quality, and that adds value to users.


How to know what to post

Digital marketing and social media are an ecosystem that is changing every day as if it is in a beta state all the time. So, as the digital ecosystem changes, we must change with it.

And not only does digital behavior change, but the way people navigate and consumption of information is also constantly changing. That is why one must be attentive to trends and new ways of communicating.

One of the most outstanding points to take into account are trends, which will surely be of great help, so we give you some questions to answer.

In which social network are users browsing the most?

What format works best for my audience: video, gif, photos, etc.? the type of format that most generate interaction with followers, be it click, comments, share, save.

What is the tone of communication, colors, graphic style that is being used the most?

A quick example:

I own a t-shirt company, and I need to create content.

We are going to communicate how we can combine the shirts and have incredible outfits for the whole week.

One of the digital channels with the most significant reach and growth is TikTok.

We create videos on TikTok using filters, songs, and hashtags that are in trend; what we will show are the types of outfits that could be used for every occasion of daily life in different cities.

In the call to action, we write that they go to our Instagram, where they will see the store and all the available shirts.

Instagram is an excellent channel to sell products. Given its structure and operation, it is an appropriate social network for t-shirts.

The photographs for Instagram will be of women in different cities carrying out daily activities, and the format in which they will be published will be a carousel: the first will be a general photograph, the next half-length, and the last, the product in detail. In addition, we are going to create Reels to strengthen communication.

According to the social network, the message changes even if it is the same content, and we must know how to communicate them in each of them.

So we could communicate in each of them and with different hashtags.

Tiktok: This is how we dress in Colombia #fyi #parati #cam camisetas #outfits

Facebook attachment unavailable : I’m ready for any occasion!

Instagram: T-shirts for all occasions and for any weather #shirts #outiftsmujer

How much is it worth to advertise on Instagram and Facebook?

Types of content to publish :-

Remember that all content must express what your brand is and meet the objectives that were proposed.

Keep in mind that you cannot speak to all people in the same way. Age, places of residence, lifestyle, and socioeconomic status are important points that you should keep in mind.

Another important point is the tone of communication and formats. Brands always seek to attract attention by uploading heterogeneous content. One of the strategies that work well is to mix communication such as:

Funny content

Upload informative content

Upload social or environmental support content

Benefits of creating content on your social networks :-

Today all companies must create valuable content. Since 2020 the channels have had a growth in interaction and online shopping around the world, and the Lehenga trend is that people will continue to buy online and interact.

The stores are closing their physical points every day and moving online. The new delivery channels have grown and will continue to do so, being an opportunity to go digital.

Benefits you have when creating valuable content on social networks :

Higher positioning: being in the first searches of a specific category, and having our content featured prominently on networks such as Instagram or Tiktok, is ideal for the brand.

Create community: its approach with users allows you to create a relationship around a brand, valuable content and offer something more than a product or service is what the followers would like to see.

Some belief in post tips, reels or IGTV learning, short videos of how to use x products, etc.

Approach with customers: Live, or answer questions in Stories, allows you to have a closeness with the followers, it will no longer be a distant relationship, but it is more friendly, they can ask us, and we respond, so we can build together.

Increase visibility in digital media: we can reach any city, township, town, etc., it is that there is internet in that place for them to see us. Perhaps we do not provide the service there, but we are positioning the brand in different parts of the country or the continent.

Humanize the brand: it is about users perceiving the brand closely as part of your family. Tools such as life allow you to create and interact directly with followers, as well as use content created by users or that tags the brand, make them see us closer, that we are there for them, to talk and share together.

In the end

What we seek is to give an additional bonus to our followers or users who interact with the content.