What is Tailwind Tribes and How to Use it


Tailwind has a lot of really awesome features and today I’m going to talk to you about “Tribes.” It’s a part of Tailwind that allows you to share content from other bloggers that you know and trust.

I’ll show you how to use them, what they are, and ways to gain traffic and traction using Tailwind Tribes.

Tailwind Tribes:

What is a Tribe?

Tribes, at their most basic level, are groups of users in Tailwind. Tribes are a place where pinners can add content that everyone in the group can easily access. Essentially, Tribes are a group board within Tailwind.

The same concept of a group board applies : you can invite and manage users, any user can upload content, all users have access to that content to pin to their other boards. The nice thing about having Tribes is that you can gather high quality content, pre-sorted (we’ll get to this), and quickly add it to your queue.


Obviously the flip side of this is sharing content with other like minded pinners. You can share your own content with your Tribe and, hopefully, they will then pin that content to a variety of boards that may be outside your current circle of exposure in the Pinterest world.

How do I Create a Tribe?

Creating a Tailwind Tribe, like most things in the system, is an easy process. All you need to do is click on Tribes in your menu bar, There is a pretty prominent “Create a New Tribe” button in green that opens a new window! After you fill out all of the info necessary on that pop out screen you can add members by clicking the Invite New Member button and your Selected Tribe on the lower left hand side of the Tribes screen.

How Do I Join Someone Else’s Tailwind Tribe?

You can be added to someone else’s Tailwind Tribes as easily as you can create a new one and invite or approve new members. One great way to get added to successful Tailwind Tribes is through Facebook attachment unavailable support and chore thread groups.

There are typically a lot of other like-minded people operating on basically the same set up in one place. Once you are approved to someone’s Tribe you can read the rules and then begin adding or collecting content, whichever the case may be!

Why Should I Use Tailwind Tribes?

Using Tailwind Tribes is important for a few reasons. The first of which is the ease of use in terms of gathering quality content. Tailwind is a great service that aims to make life easier and more successful for it’s users. Tribes make it easy to gather pre-sorted content.

You can create tribes for very specific content, set whatever kind of rules you need, then all of your content to choose from is targeted towards your intended boards. The second reason I suggest you hurry up and get on board the Tribes bandwagon is for the exposure of your own content. All of these other bloggers and business people are LOOKING FOR YOUR CONTENT. Read – sensitive content snapchat

They want quality, beautiful, delicious looking, creative content to fill their own queues! Joining Tribes that have awesome pinners gathering content can really help your own pins gain momentum. Finally, Tailwind Tribes are a great way to gather viral content for your own boards.

We know that Pinterest is focused on our status as a pinner of not only our own content but also the content of other high quality pinners. Sort pins by their number of repins and select those with the highest number to add to your own boards!

Overall, Tailwind Tribes are a great way to gain momentum and put your own content in front of lots of extra eyes, all without spending too much extra time.

In fact, using Tribes to gather content for your queue can actually save you time versus scouring Pinterest for quality pins from similar sites!

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