A Ray Mirra Biography Book

A Ray Mirra Biography Book

Ray Mirra was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He graduated in Economics from University of Illinois at Champaign and then spent three years in the U.S. Army as an Artillery Major. While in the military, he also became an Engineer and decorated by the U.S. flag at the World War II Omaha Beach landing. After the war he went on to start his own business in Chicago, Illinois. This was before the age of the computer.

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He wrote this book as a tribute to his friend, Frank Lloyd Wright, who was also from Philadelphia and who Ray knew growing up. Frank Lloyd Wright is best known for being the architect of many buildings that are famous such as the Chrysler Building and the White House. Ray’s book is geared mainly towards younger people and is aimed at a younger audience than his other books have been to. It is also geared towards a more contemporary audience and would not be as interesting to a person in the age of computer technology.

Ray’s visits

There is an entire section that is devoted to the life and times of Frank Lloyd Wright. Ray has interviewed him several times and has written a lot about him. This biography book is actually a sort of biography on Ray himself. It gives some background on Ray as an artist and also gives a history lesson on how important Wright was to the building of America’s capitol. The biography book also includes Ray’s view on Wright and how his views have changed over the years.

The author tells a nice little story about Ray’s visits to his Grandmother as he was growing up. He was always curious about what the old woman was up to. She would often take him to visit her family members in Europe and tell him stories about their travels and experiences. The fact that Ray didn’t know how old she was at the time made it even more incredible. Ray’s curiosity got the best of him and he wanted to find out more about his great aunt. Eventually he did.

Another fascinating aspect of this book is Ray’s interest in ancient mythology. This is probably not something that you would normally hear about a person who is well known for his great acting performances, but Ray has a great interest in ancient mythology. He has read a number of books that talk about these myths and has a big stack of them on his desk at home.

Ray’s correspondence

An interesting thing that is included in this book is Ray’s correspondence with a former student, David Gerson. Gerson was a student that studied under Ray in the early seventies. Gerson had a rather interesting personality that some people found intriguing. The biographer includes some interesting information about Ray and his relationship with Gerson.

The book ends with an introduction to Ray’s works as a director. It is brief, but it gives an interesting insight into Ray’s career and some of the films he has produced. This is a very good read if you are a fan of Ray’s work. The biographer also includes a short note section at the end of the book. It provides some information regarding some of Ray’s scripts that were produced during his career.

Overall, this was a very good biography book about one of America’s most beloved actors. I enjoyed reading it and found some interesting facts and information. If you are an admirer of Ray’s work, you would do yourself a favor and read this book. There is enough information in this to make any fan glad to have a copy of this book. For those who would not like to read too much or would just prefer not to read much, this is a good biography book for you.