Hercules Movie – A Quick Overview

As a Greek Mythology fan (love those Percy Jackson books), I was very excited for this movie. What could be better than one of the greatest heroes’ story being told in the form of a Disney movie?

A Disney musical no less! Well folks, low and behold, Hercules does not disappoint.

You may say I’ve said this a lot (and you’d be right to do so), but the music in this is fantastic. I think the soundtrack has been the best one so far. Every song is catchy and fun. “A Star is Born” is as catchy as you can get. “I Can Go The Distance” is fun and inspirational. There’s also the great ballad in “I Won’t Say (I’m In Love).” Every song is as good as the next, and still I can’t get them out of my head.

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As I said previously, I love Greek mythology. I don’t know what it is I love about it, but I find the stories and characters so intriguing and interesting. Of course, when Disney does their Greek mythology movie, they make the characters much more PG friendly and take plenty of liberties; but the general gist still comes across. The biggest thing I had to get over was Hercules being the son of Zeus and Hera (they in fact are brother and sister, making that quite gross. Not discussed in the movie, for course. #NoIncestForDisney). He is in fact the son of Zeus, but he is a demigod, not a god. His mother is Alcmene, a mortal woman. But being as this is not a part of the movie, I’m digressing.

Taking Hercules the film for what it is, I must say I loved it. Like I mentioned, I was able to get past the liberties Disney took. The characters are actually pretty well developed for a Disney film, with Hades (also Zeus’ sibling…just saying) being a great villain, Hercules a great hero and Megara the perfect damsel in distress (don’t let her know that). Disney also gets a kudos for naming Hades’ minions Pain and Panic #GreatNames.

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Just another little sidebar: it is interesting that Hades’ flames seem to get cooler as he gets angrier. Blue flames are generally hotter than red, but he’s normally blue and his anger drives him to red. Just saying.

Yes, the story in Hercules is pretty made up. That doesn’t make it great and inspiring though. The character Phil really drives home the inspiring quotes, wanting nothing more than to have people say of Hercules: “That’s Phil’s boy!” Well, this is Disney’s Hercules, and they should be proud.