Top 5 Famous Bridal Makeup Packages in India

Top 5 Famous Bridal Makeup Packages in India

The most important part of bridal preparation is wedding makeup. Every bride wants to look gorgeous and unique, this can be possible with the right makeup and dress. Trending bridal packages vary in terms of pricing, products used and methods applied. Every wedding season comes with different makeup styles and dresses. Now due to a lot of options, it might become difficult to choose the best suitable for you. Isn’t it? Not anymore, we have got you covered!

Indian wedding rituals are well-known for their rituals and lavish wedding arrangements. These rituals range from sangeet, Haldi, engagement, and reception. And this lavish affair needs some extra effort on the makeup. Bridal makeup packages vary in terms of pricing, products used and methods applied. Being the center of everyone’s attention these bridal makeup packages come to your rescue. Let’s have a look!

1. Airbrush Bridal Makeup

Airbrush bridal makeup is offered by many premium or even average ranges of beauty salons in metropolitan areas. These bridal packages include draping, hair styling, and complete face makeup. You can also avail of a trial of wedding makeup which need to pay separately. Airbrush makeup is great for fully covering all the dark spots, blemishes, and dark circles to make your skin even and well complexion.

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Pricing differs from salon to salon and what their products and services are. Unlike other makeup, makeup artists don’t use brushes and sponges, they use an airbrush to evenly distribute the makeup on all over the face. This gives a natural, flawless, and skin-like finish. It lasts for hours but can feel heavy in humid weather.

2. Regular bridal makeup

This bridal package is one of the most common and least expensive bridal packages out there. It involves using high-quality chemical-free cosmetics for makeup and styling. Makeup artists use a high-quality makeup base that keeps the makeup from cracking or smudging easily. It includes one-time draping, makeup and hairstyle for a bride. You can also go for a trial before the wedding.

This is the basic makeup look that includes the usage of a sponge, brush, nourishment, and every makeup equipment that we generally use in our makeup routine. However, this gives a flawless and matte finish look that won’t be fed out easily from the skin but give a touch-up if necessary.

3. HD Bridal Makeup

HD bridal makeup is a picture-perfect makeup look that you can call camera-ready makeup options for the bride to look like a blemish-free, glowing, and natural postcard beauty. It involves a healthy skin makeup routine focused on the use of the best coverage cosmetics for high radiance. This includes one-time draping, makeup, and hairstyles for a bride, you can opt for a wedding trial as well.

HD bridal makeup gives a high-definition finish that focuses on covering wrinkles, dark spots, and blemishes. Thereby making your skin look flawless and camera ready for long hours. For close-up shots or property shoots, this makeup look is the ideal one.

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4. Traditional bridal makeup

India is a traditional country, therefore traditional makeup works like a charm. According to the region of our country, traditional bridal makeup influences most of the nations you belong to. But most looks feature a neat and clean base emphasis on bridal eye makeup. The looks might include bindi, bright lipstick, or kumkum.

However, this makeup can transform the state and its own tradition. For instance, if you are from Bengal then you might need a Bengali makeup look with red big bindi, and bright makeup with kumkum over the eyebrows. The same technique applies to other traditional makeup such as Punjabi makeup or south Indian makeup.

5. Body polishing bridal package

This is the whole package of bridal makeup and skincare including a wide range of services. It includes a special bridal facial, full body wax, full body polishing, full body massage, hair spa session, pedicure, manicure, threading of eyebrows, upper lips, chin, and forehead. Some services are offered for only one sitting and threading can be done on the regular basis.

Not only for makeup, but it also includes skincare and beauty treatments that help to enhance your appearance and give your makeup a flawless and perfect finish. You can try this out to make your skin healthy-looking, radiant and beautiful that making you ready for the wedding day.

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Bottom line

These are the top 5 bridal packages in India that are widely popular and opted by an array of brides. You can choose the one based on your theme, dress, and other requirements. Get ready for the best version of yourself on your big day!

If you want to try out these trending bridal makeup packages then consider an online salon booking app that helps you to book an appointment with a nearby beauty salon in a jiffy. Find the right salon in your locality, book the appointment and visit over there at the slot time. You can get the desired salon that helps to make your bridal makeup done. Isn’t this so interesting?