Types of Salwar Suits for Women: Which One Will Suit You?


A salwar suit is a love for Indian women. The most preferred attire for any occasion, event, function, and festival is a salwar suit. This outfit is not only popular in India, but it also gaining popularity all around the globe. In India, the outfit is worn on a casual basis, office basis, festivals etc.

This three-piece outfit is the most comfortable and easy to wear outfit. The best part is that it is suitable for all Indian climatic conditions. You will find numerous varieties of salwar suits in unique patterns, designs, and colors. The outfit is made from fabrics such as cotton, silk, georgette, chiffon, rayon, jacquard and many more.

Every woman has her own opinion and choice regarding the pattern and design of this outfit. This is the attire that suits each and every body type but there are some patterns that look amazing on a particular body type.

 If you are not able to decide which pattern and style suits you the most according to your body type then don’t panic just read further. Let’s see which style is perfect for your body type. 

Types of Salwar Suits :-

1. Patiala Suits

The most famous one in North India. It is the best outfit for bubbly girls. Patiala suits have loose salwar made with many pleats which give a proper volume at thighs. The kameez is short till the knees or above it so that the pattern of salwar does not hide.

North Indian women wear this type of salwar suits on a daily basis. The style suits women of every age and can be worn at weddings, festivals, get-togethers, kitty parties, etc.

The suit will look best on hourglass and strawberry shaped women as they have a proportionate upper body and legs. slightly rounded shoulders give proper fitting to the neckline. The suits are usually found with printed salwar as it combines very well with a short plain kurti.

2. Palazzo Suits

The most comfortable style of salwar suit with loose and flared bottoms and a straight cut shirt (kameez) of medium length is very popular. The pattern of palazzo may vary and there are different palazzos such as narrow palazzo, flared palazzo, etc.

They are in fitting from the waistline and loose from the bottom. Its a blend of Indian and Western fusion. You must have spotted models and celebs flaunting themselves in palazzos at events and parties.

 It is the best one for office interviews, small gatherings, kitty parties, and other occasions.

It looks fantastic on taller women having pear-shaped and hourglass bodies due to narrow shoulders and slim arms giving a nice fitting to you and a proper look to the outfit.

3. Anarkali Suits

A popular one for weddings, grand events, and parties. It is among the oldest patterns of salwar suit that still has a huge demand. The pattern was worn by the Mughals and is still trending and popular.

The suit comes in different lengths like medium length, long and floor-length. Floor-length is the most favorite as it provides a better look as compared to a medium length Anarkali suit.

This suit looks gorgeous on rectangle shape and straight and tall body.

The waistline of this body is narrow and wide and they give a proper fitting to the flare of the Anarkali suit. This suit will make you look slimmer and taller. It is worn on churidar salwar to get the best look.

4. Pant Style Suits

A straight kameez with pants is the best combination. A slightly narrow pant paired with medium length kurtas looks stylish and attractive. If you are willing to wear something traditional yet classy then this could be your smart choice.

Pair a medium length kurta below the knee to get an attractive look. It can be a great choice for family functions, small gatherings, and festivals. Place the dupatta on one side to get a mesmerizing look.

The outfit best suits on diamond-shaped women and pear-shaped women because they probably have slim arms and fuller waist with broad shoulders. The belted waist fits proper to them and the neck design is defined well.

5. Churidar Suits

The churidar pants are very narrow and slim fit. This Churidar salwar Suit is popular amongst women and is usually made of more length as compared to other salwars to provide several wrinkles at the ankle. The main characteristic of churidar pants is the wrinkles and Puzzle rings Origin that are formed at the end of the salwar.

It is paired with almost all styles of kameez that are straight-cut, Anarkali, floor-length, asymmetrical, Koti style kameez and many more.

This style suits better to slim and tall rectangular shaped and hourglass-shaped bodies as they have a narrow waist that properly showcases the whole outfit.

6. Front Slit Suits

One of the modern and unique styles of salwar suit with a western fusion are slit suits. This suit is fit from shoulder to waist and has a nice flare from the waist till the bottom of the knees. The length of slit suits may vary it can be medium length or floor length.

They look best with churidar salwar or narrow pants. They give a glamorous look to the one who wears it. They are usually worn at weddings, parties, and festivals like Diwali Celebration, Rakhi, Teej, etc.

This pattern suits well to medium and tall women with pear-shaped and curvy hourglass bodies as they define a nice waistline. Be the center of attraction in the party and events by carrying this amazingly stylish salwar suit pattern.

7. Sharara Suits

These suits have their origin from the Mughals and they are now adapted by general people too. The pattern is very beautiful with a unique and smart style of salwar and short kameez.

 The sharara is fit till the thighs and it has a nice flare from knees to bottom. It has a nice volume and flare that gives a stunner look to the wearer. Short kameez is paired with it as it properly defines the whole pattern of the sharara. Try sleeveless kameez with sharara to get a ravishing look.

This outfit looks best on medium and tall women with pearshaped and diamond bodies as they can perfectly define the pattern of sharara due to their average height.

8. Dhoti Suits

It is an outfit similar to Punjabi suits. Dhoti has many pleats and a nice flare. It is worn in functions, events, festivals, and occasions. This outfit made from light fabrics like cotton or georgette can be worn at small gatherings and get-togethers.

 This outfit is good for summers and monsoon treks in himalayas as they have loose-fitting that reduces sweat. Mostly short kurtas or frock style kurtas are worn with dhoti to get a nice and attractive look.

Triangle shaped and apple-shaped women can clearly define the dhoti pattern as they have curvy waists. 

 9. Straight Suits

The most common and popular style of suit is a straight suit. They are simple and elegant suits that are preferred mostly by each and every woman. They are the best for regular wear and office wear.

They give taller and slimmer look to the one who wears it. This suit can be paired with churidar and pant style salwars. If the length of your kameez can be long or short. If it is short then you can pair it with dhoti or palazzo.

It perfectly suits medium, tall and slim bodies giving a nice and attractive look to the lady. 

10. Jacket Style Suits

Willing to look like a fashionista, then wear a jacket or Koti style salwar suit. The attire consisting of a nice heavily designed and embroidered Koti gives a modern and rich look to the wearer. The style is popular among young girls as it gives a stylish and unique look to her.

Pair your jacket with a floor-length Anarkali or straight suits to get a perfect fashionista look. You can match your jacket with other suits also to add charm and glamour to the outfit.

A nice part is that this style looks great on all body types tall or medium and hourglass, pear-shaped, diamond, etc.

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