Unveiling the Innovative Colour Designs of Hand Block Printed Sarees

Hand block print sarees are available in a versatile range of colours and designs to complement your style. Whether it is for a casual daytime occasion, wedding, or showcasing your style in the workplace, there is an array of colours and options to suit everyone’s style. They have always been high on fashion as well as comfort with so many breathable materials like linen, cotton and silk.

However, when it comes to the colour palette of hand block printed cotton sarees, each one is a testament to the rich and cultural heritage of India. From blues, reds, greens, or dual-tone shades, each saree has a story to tell and the block prints reveal the brushstrokes on traditional materials. Apart from mesmerising colours and motifs, these sarees celebrate the skills of the artisans and gives you the opportunity to drape a plethora of colours.

Read on to know how innovative colours and designs of a hand block print saree reveal the enduring beauty of every woman. But first, let’s explore the artistic skills behind these sarees:

Handblock printing is an age-old craft involving skilled artisans from India crafting intricate designs with wooden blocks. The designs carved on the wooden block are imprinted as patterns on sarees. With this diligent and meticulous process, you will get some visually-stunning sarees that carry the essence of traditional Indian sarees. The printed cotton sarees online that you often explore will have motifs ranging from Indian folklore to geometrical and floral patterns. Here are colour palettes of hand block printed sarees revealed:

  1. Vibrant Shades in Red, Green, and Yellow

Vibrant shades are a hallmark of celebrations and rituals. So, the deep red shade symbolises energy and passion, making it the right choice for festivities and weddings. Just team it up with a block print blouse with golden block prints or white block prints to exude elegance, making it a favourite choice for brides. A deep green saree with Black Hand block prints reveals a mark of energy and a sense of grace. These sarees are perfect for daytime occasions like social gatherings, pre-wedding events, or a casual brunch.

  1. Soft Pastel Shades

With soft pastel hand block prints against an off-white background, you will evoke the comfort of a delicate breeze and subtle shades of water colour paintings. The sensations evoked seem like ethereal charm. If your wardrobe is filled with sarees in vibrant shades, you can choose the sophistication of muted tones from light green, pink, and blue. The hand block printed technique with intricate and meticulous details and designs brings out the beauty of pastel shades, revealing timeless beauty. A powdery blue shade on hand block printed saree will reveal the serenity of a clear sky and when paired with monochrome or a block print blouse in contrast shade embodies grace and sophistication.

The patterns imprinted on the fabric delicately evoke a feeling of charm and bring a refreshing vibe. If you are looking forward to buying Bengal cotton sarees in Kolkata, explore the collections of Dora By Phoenix. Visit their studio in the heart of Kolkata to view the colour blends in hand block printed sarees.

  1. Mellow Shades

Want to enjoy the warmth of sunshine infused in hand block printed sarees? Choose mellow shades like yellow and orange that defines simplicity and serenity, making them ideal for casual gatherings as well as daytime occasions. Juxtaposing these shades add a magical touch to these sarees, revealing the skills of the best Indian artisans. Sarees in mellow shades are ideal for day or early evening occasions.

  1. Earthy Shades

Hand block printed sarees draw inspiration from nature as well. So, you will come across those earthy shades in blues and greens. Usually, these shades symbolize harmony, growth, and balance, making them the right choice for various daytime events. Whether the saree is adorned with geometric designs or floral and leafy prints, you won’t miss the touch of nature. Blue is usually associated with the depth of nature, reflecting the versatility of various shades. The motifs, on the other hand, are inspired by aquatic life, rives, and waves to show the vastness of nature. Go for Bengal cotton sarees online shopping in earthy shades and create a visual ode.

The colour palette of hand block printed sarees reveals a classic and timeless allure and simplicity. Whether worn for festive occasions, weddings, or cultural events, each saree is a testament to the efforts and craftsmanship of Indian artisans that define the heart of Indian textiles. The intricate contrast of colours makes these sarees suitable for formal and informal occasions that reveal everyday elegance.

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