Why churidar salwar suits are popular among Indian women.

Salwar suits are the most common form of women’s ethnic wear in India and rightfully so as they are a true representation of our Indian traditions and heritage, while still being a stylish outfit that appeals to every woman’s eye. This three-piece outfit has been carefully crafted to cater to the needs and wants of the wearers. It beats the saree when it comes down to a popularity contest, the types of salwar suit has been engineered to provide maximum ease of wearing and sophistication. These ready to wear outfits are suitable as an on the outfit when an emergency event comes out and you have not prepared an outfit. This last minute wear can be a lifesaver most times.

The churidar salwar suit is an appealing outfit, not just because of its looks but mainly because of the role it plays in representing ethnicity. It consists of a kurti-like tunic that is paired up with pants that are usually a bit long. Churidar is derived from the word ‘churi’ which relates to bangles, this can be related to the long pants that form folds at the bottom resembling bangles. This style is not just seen in India but is actually shared with Pakistan from where this style was born.

1. Comfortable for the entire day:-

Looking for a durable outfit that lasts all day and gives you extra mobility? The churidar suit does just this and is why it has been chosen as the number one outfit for casual wear and office wear due to the desirable characteristics it possesses. The fact that it is trousers gives you so much more comfort as compared to a skirt or even a saree. Especially when made from cotton, it gives a cooling effect that no other fabric can provide. The tunic can also be plain, printed with patterns, or decorated with the most attractive decorations.

2. Limitless pairings:-

 Instead of wearing the typical churidar pants you can easily opt for palazzo pants, lehenga designs, leggings, narrow pants, or even jeans. The options are endless, and each one is fashionable without sacrificing on comfort, something important to every woman.

3. Suitable for all ages:-

Salwar suit is known to be such a versatile outfit because it is accessible by all women and girls of every age group. It is the most common form of traditional wear that occurs in every ethnic wear shop. Even little girls at a young age have come to adore this look and have been seen wearing it at all public functions, weddings, parties, religious parties. Even elderly women can be spotted in these relaxing garments.

4. Compliments every body shape:-

The most important feature that is demanded by every woman is to make their body look good regardless of the type of body that they possess. Women of all shapes and sizes are able to find their place in the suit market. This is because the market caters to all the needs of every female. Even if you are short or have a not so slim figure, there are designs to suit you and make you look super special with the body that you have.

5. Available in every design and decoration:-

Having enough options in your wardrobe is a must for every girl or woman who has many events to attend throughout the year. Churidar salwar suits are available ready for every event and are decorated according to the specific event. For example, wedding wear suits are well decorated and feature gold sewing accessories. Even plain neutral colors and prints are there to cater for casual events and office meetings. Making it an all-purpose wear for any time.