How to celebrate the festival of lights i.e. Diwali or Deepavali


Exchange Happiness on Festival of lights Diwali:-

Diwali is the Festival of lights and the most awaited festival of Indians, Feeling of love and joy spread everywhere. For diwali people do lots of preparation so that they can make the day of diwali the most memorable memories of their life it may be children,youngsters or elders all are look excited and happy. So what to do at this day to make it a unforgettable memories.

Here are few suggestions I am sharing with you to make this auspicious event a special one.

Exchange something with your bestie:-

It means exchange that thing which you like so much about your best friend it may be his/her gadgets,clothes,shoes Now Here the thought comes in your mind that Doesn’t it looks weird to ask your friend to give your clothes for a day but Don’t think like this you will definitely love it when you tried it.

Most of the time it happens that we like the thing which your friend have and we also want to have that too. For example :- your friend buy a nice T-shirt and you really liked it, you went to the same shop and ask for the same T-shirt because you really liked it but you are not able to get that because that design is out of stock.

This is just an example I am sharing with you there are so many thinks like this which you like of your friend and your friend also looking for the same. So this small exchanges can strengthen your relationship with your friend and give a smile of both of your faces. Just try this new concept of celebrating diwali you really liked it. 

Wake up early in the morning:-

At the Day of Diwali people often wake-up late in the morning because on the day of diwali almost every office is  closed and people take the advantage of this by sleeping till late but this habit must be changed. In my advice it is better to wake up early in the morning and one must perform puja with their family, its OK that you will all do laxmi puja in the night but if same thing can be perform in the morning than what’s harm in it. This Diwali give it a try to this practice you will definitely love doing it.

Ping a whatsapp message:-

Full year we are so busy with our day to day routine that it breaks our contact with our old friends with whom we spend our memorable time of our life. So this diwali take a resolution that ping your old friends on whatsapp and wish them HAPPY DIWALI. Your will definitely see some change in your behaviour when you have a word with your old friend.

Call All your friends and invite them:-

After wishing your friend “HAPPY DIWALI” invites them to your home and Encourage them to celebrate the great “festival of lights” with you and your family. Don’t just call your best friend but to those friend also with whom you may spend some little time.

Plan Adventures things to celebrate with your friends and Family:-

Let me share with you one interesting memory of my life. Last year I was in Jaipur at the day of makar sankranti festival those who don’t know

What is makar sankranti festival?

Makar Sankranti is a KITE FESTIVAL celebrated in Jaipur .
At the Day of makar sankranti people enjoy flying kites with their family and friends.
People in jaipur installed loud sound Music system on their terrace and with the loud sound of music they enjoy flying kites.
Now the question comes in your mind why I tell you all this as here we are discussing Diwali festival. The thing which attract me more is after flying kites for full day , people in the night burned crackers and it looks like it was the day of Diwali so this is something which is very Nice to see and Enjoy.
So try something adventures like this to make this Day full of Happiness. You can play Holi or fly kite at the Day of Diwali although it looks weird but You tried something new which makes you Happy.