Bajaj Finserv Card – Feature, Benefits & Charges


Data from August 2019 suggests that credit card users across India have spent around Rs.6 lakh crore over the last year, a 30% increase since last year. With a steep rise in the use of credit cards, numerous financers have come up with different types of cards to cater to a large number of customers.

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Consequently, it is also important for users to understand all the benefits as well as the relevant charges applicable on a card to make the most out of it. Among different credit cards which are available in the Indian financial market, Bajaj cards are one of the most popularly availed ones. On one hand, they cater to various types of purchases and transactions with applicable offers.

Further, they also offer numerous additional functional benefits.

• Bajaj Finserv card – Features offered
• Exclusive SuperCard benefits
• Charges involved

Bajaj Finserv card – Features offered

There are numerous credit card variants offered by Bajaj Finserv with specific features, benefits, and applicable charges. Here are some specific features which you should look to avail.

• Personal loan in cases of emergency: In cases of emergency, users can avail a personal loan with these credit cards. This interest-free loan has a flat processing fee of 2.5% and must be repaid within 90 days.
• ATM cash withdrawal: Interest-free cash withdrawal from ATM is also offered on Bajaj cards. These financial tools are interest-free for up to 50 days.
• EMI conversion options: Be it a personal loan or a high-value purchase, you can convert all purchases or transactions above a certain threshold into easy to pay EMIs.
• Partner stores: Brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, KAFF, Faber, Duraflex, etc. are all partnered with Bajaj Finserv and provide attractive offers almost year round. Additionally, medical brands like Apollo, Manipal, etc. are also partnered this NBFC, helpful in case of medical emergencies.

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Exclusive SuperCard benefits

There are a few exclusive benefits of a SuperCard that other credit cards don’t offer. It is important that users know these rewards and how to avail them so that they can best benefit from the Bajaj card.

Welcome bonuses to regular purchases, every transaction contributes towards reward points. Availing the benefits to accumulate these points is one of the most vital simple tips to get the most out of a credit card. These points can be redeemed against –

• Discounts on flight ticket and hotel bookings.
• Mobile phone recharges.
• Personalised gifts.
• Discounts on gadgets, phones, home appliances, furniture and kitchen appliances, etc. from partner brands.
• Specific healthcare services from partner medical brands.

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Charges involved

There are various types of RBL Bank SuperCard for every lifestyle and need and each have different fees and charges which may be applicable. These different charges on 4 of the main types of Bajaj Finserv cards are as follows. Both the joining and annual fees for these cards are the same.

• Platinum Choice SuperCard: Rs.499.
• Platinum Plus SuperCard: Rs.999.
• World Prime SuperCard: Rs.2,999.
• World Plus SuperCard: Rs.4,999.

Irrespective of the types of Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, the application procedure for these cards is easy and hassle-free.
Bajaj Finserv even provides pre-approved offers that make availing credit cards quick and simple. These offers are available on numerous financial products like credit cards, home loans, personal loans, business loans, etc. You can check your pre-approved offer by providing your name and phone number.

Applicants should check all the features offered by different Bajaj cards before selecting one. Choosing the right card can effectively reduce the overall expenses for a user.