NBCC India Ltd. Order Book Stood at 115.45 crores in May 2023


NBCC India Ltd, a renowned construction company, has recently achieved a significant milestone in May 2023.

The company proudly announced securing an order worth a staggering 115.45 crores.

This remarkable achievement further solidifies NBCC’s reputation as a trusted leader in the construction industry. With its vast experience and expertise, NBCC India Ltd has consistently delivered exceptional projects, gaining the trust and confidence of clients and stakeholders alike.

The company’s commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to quality has earned them this prestigious order, showcasing their ability to undertake and successfully execute projects of substantial magnitude. NBCC India Ltd’s continued success serves as a testament to its strong capabilities and position as a key player in the construction sector. As they continue to take on new projects and deliver exceptional results, NBCC India Ltd is poised to contribute significantly to the development and growth of the construction industry in the years to come.

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