2024 Resolutions: New Year Goals for Dental Assistants

New Year is the perfect time for a reset. You get to make new resolutions for certain objectives
and make new efforts to reach existing ones.

As a dental assistant or an aspiring professional, you can build career and personal aspirations and set yourself a clear target.
Whether you’re someone looking for a job, a career change or a dental assistant at a clinic, with clear goals, you can persistently strive towards a direction. Be it opting for the best Registered Dental Assistant certification in California or something else.

Goals to pursue in 2024 as a dental assistant or an aspirant:

Upskill Yourself

Whether it’s the world of dental assistants or any other career option that supports medical
professionals, innovation is the only constant and you’ll never run out of new things to learn. As
a dental assistant, you can always take in new knowledge and improve your skills to serve
patients and support dentists more holistically. Don’t shy away from new challenges at the clinic.
Take them head-on since your colleagues, other staff and dentist are always there with a
helping hand. As a new recruit, you can learn a lot from experience by observing and
shadowing seniors. Some of them may even become your mentors. If you haven’t enrolled in
any dental assisting course, consider enrolling in dental assisting schools in California. These
courses help you stay updated with the latest developments and standards in both infection
control and equipment used in dentistry.

Write Down Your Goals

Most people want to try something new and challenging. However, overthinking can keep us
from reaching our goals. One of the best ways of getting around it is to write things down and
break your goals into an actionable plan. For instance, most people want to go on a healthier
diet, start working out, go hiking every weekend or enroll on a new course.
However, if you solely focus on the challenges and the uphill battle that’s awaiting you, you’re
never going to take the first step. An actionable plan gives you a clear path to reach your
resolutions. Stick it somewhere that makes you look at the action plan everyday and forces you
to act on it. The bedroom door or closet maybe?

Get Certified

As an aspiring dental assistant, you can learn on the job at any dental clinic that hires you. They
would be more eager to hire you either way since they can pay you lower wages. However,
getting certified brings you several advantages including:

● It shows employers that you are updated in your field
● You are treated as a professional and expected to be one
● Your colleagues and dentists have more confidence in your skills
● You can increase your pay

However, becoming certified is a challenge that requires dedication and the right education. To
earn a Dental Assistant Certificate in California, you need to put in the time to learn the
curriculum and pass comprehensive exams. If you have a year of experience working as a
dental assistant, earning a certification becomes easier. When you hold multiple certifications
and spend enough time at the clinic, you can even sit for the RDA exam to boost your career.
Earning certifications takes time and that’s why it deserves to be a New Year resolution.

Increase Your Income

Every blog that talks about raising your income is talking about side hustles. No, you don’t need
a side gig or moonlight for extra cash. Instead, it’s best to increase your income with a job
change. Whether you are working minimum wage or someone who is not satisfied with their
income, switching to a dental assisting career can be highly rewarding.

While the minimum wage in California stands at around $16, dental assistants make around $23
or more. The quickest path to increase your earnings is to enroll in a certified dental assistant
program. Choose a flexible program that arms you with the necessary theoretical knowledge at
night or whenever you aren’t working and helps you gain practical knowledge during weekends.
Reputable schools also provide you with internship and employment opportunities after

Aspire For A Leadership Position

When you have several years of experience as a dental assistant, it’s time to think about
climbing the ladder. Aspire for a leadership role that helps you increase your earnings and
responsibilities. If you lack educational requirements, dental assistant certification can help.
As a dental assistant or someone aspiring for career growth, these New Year resolutions may
fuel your ambitions or help inspire you towards a transformative change. Get the right
certifications to elevate your career and unlock growth for a fruitful year.

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