Pandemic Era – What should you do to prevent infection in dental emergencies?


Mouth and dental injuries happen in everybody’s life. It can be a minor as biting your lips or tongue when you eat food or occur during a sport session. Some of these injuries are serious and need professional treatment. If something irritates your mouth and bleeding doesn’t stop, you should immediately go to the hospital; they know how to prevent infection and covid-19. When you are in an emergency, friends, family and helpful education can help you stay calm.

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A broken tooth or injured lip can be just as scary as a hardcore medical emergency situation. That is why we wrote this article to get you helpful information about dental emergency care and how to find anyone in Wimbledon emergency dentist.

Learning about medical emergencies help you to get the best outcome, or you quickly can help other people in these kinds of situations. So read this blog post carefully because accidents don’t call ahead.

Dental appointment during Covid-19

Coronavirus and the pandemic era affect all aspects of human life, from social interaction to simple routine tasks such as grocery shopping. Dentistry and clinical dental treatments also changed. You’re not able to see as many patients in dental clinics these days, and people make an appointment before visiting. Your dentist also wears a special uniform to protect his face and hands from infection during the dental treatment.

If you have an emergency condition, you should call your dentist and check with them to complete your treatment as soon as possible.

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Note: if you experience symptoms mentioned below, visit the emergency room ASAP

  • Dread full head or eye injury with an open wound
  • Any signs of losing concessions like Concussion or confusion
  • Broken bones and pain in jawbones
  • Severe cuts in the face of your mouth that may need bandage or stitches
  • Facial lacerations
  •  unstoppable Bleeding
  •  Swelling in or around your mouth
  •  Broken tooth
  •  Severe Pain that doesn’t go away even after using painkillers

What is considered a dental emergency?

  • Knocked-out Tooth: Permanent teeth are not like baby teeth, and if they fall or lose by any accident, they never can grow again. So if one of your permanent teeth is knocked out, time is a life-saving factor. You can re-implant the fallen teeth if you put the tooth immediately in calcium-based products like milk. If you don’t have a glass of milk, you can put your tooth in saltwater until you go to dentistry.
  • Toothaches: such a painful experience! Toothache can distract you from everyday life and become annoying. Toothache usually doesn’t count as an emergency condition, but if the pain didn’t vanish with painkillers, you should visit your dentist to know what is going on.
  • Broken Jawbone: martial arts and highly physical exercises can increase the risk of damages such as broken jawbone. If you have pain in your face and have a bruising feeling in your cheeks, you probably broke your jawbone. A broken jaw can affect appearance and chewing. Use a bandage wrapped under your jawbone, tie the applications over your head to keep jawbones in the correct position, and then make an appointment to fix it quickly.
  • bitten lip or tongue: we all been there before but sometimes bitten lips or language can be severe bleeding. If your mouth is bleeding, use a clean fabric and ice for swelling down then, go to the hospital right away.
  • Lost dental filling:

If you have a dental cavity before, you probably apply a root canal, and then the dentist uses a filling for your tooth. Dental filling lasts for several years, but sometimes it can be lost sooner. Heat and cool drinks can affect metal filing and cause fallen filing.

The first thing you should know is to call your dentist to make an appointment to refill your tooth. Then put a piece of chewing gum on the broken felling spot to prevent infection and more pain.

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Call SW19Confidental in emergencies

If you or your family is in tooth pain, make sure you did prevention methods and call us to make an appointment. Neglecting emergency condition cost more later, so contact us today.