Significance to Drink Water before Blood Drawn and Donation

Significance to Drink Water before Blood Drawn and Donation

Sometimes blood drawn becomes important for several purposes. With the help of phlebotomy training you can come to know how to draw blood successfully ! They will know regarding making the process more comfortable. Here in this blog you are going to know what you can do to make the process easy and smooth.

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You must know that numerous blood work needs fasting of around 8-12 hours. You should follow the instruction if provided so. By having foods and drinks you can promote in skewing the result! Similarly drinking lots of water is equally crucial to end the process smoothly.  

By visiting the clinic for blood test in London without drinking water, you can have a really bad time. Hydration makes the veins plump allowing the phlebotomist to find the vein to draw the blood easily.

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Hydration plays an active role in maintaining your overall mental wellness besides physical well being. Ditch caffeinated beverages and soda as hydration never means consumption of any random liquids. Moreover with no nutrition they can cause dehydration.

Dehydration can cause you to have poor blood donation experience. By thickening the blood it lowers down the pressure. Phlebotomist knows that low blood pressure is fine but not every time.

The patients having low blood pressure possess the risk of fainting down during blood drawn or donation. Sometimes body really goes through a struggle for recovery from it. Even if the blood thickens the phlebotomist finds it tough to puncture vein for collecting the blood.

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You must also note that every time you don’t need to drink water for withdrawing the blood. It happens mostly for blood tests to conduct surgeries. If the nurse allows you to do so then have 64 ounces of water as it is recommended amount. However, before blood donation have a glass of water i.e., 16 ounces.

Blood drawing process is stressful if you don’t follow the instructions carefully. Firstly, drink lots of water then take deep breaths and chat with the nurse and phlebotomist for the process regarding your concerns. These will make the process easy and smooth.

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Couple of tips for better experience of blood donation:

  • Try to sleep more beforenight
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol 24 hours prior to donation

After donation:

  • Have light meal
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking
  • Have more fluid especially in the next 4 hours
  • If there is dizziness then sit down or lie down until you feel fine
  • Ensure the cleanliness and dryness of the venipuncture as bandage can remove after some time
  • In case bleeding persists after removal of bandage then raise the arm to apply pressure to the inner bicep
  • If you still unwell then consult with the physician immediately as you might need some medical care 

Find out a clinic near you for Private Blood Tests Londonand seek the treatment on time followed by diagnosis.