Teeth Whitening Myths: You Shouldn’t Believe Them

Teeth Whitening Myths

There are many weirdly specific myths regarding teeth whitening, professional or otherwise. A lot of people claim to know what teeth whitening is all about because they watched an advertisement video on a streaming platform, dedicated to a fake teeth whitening process. Most of these advertisement videos are doctored and edited to make the treatment seem effective, but the teeth whitening dentist based or otherwise can tell you what really takes place during a session, and how your teeth actually work when it comes to stains.

You may hear many negative rumours about the side effects of teeth whitening treatments, so let’s debunk some of the most famous myths surrounding this procedure.

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Teeth whitening endangers tooth enamel

It’s a widespread misconception that the whitening gel weakens your teeth’s enamel or wit surface. The oxygen whitening gels have no harmful effects on your teeth and gum, and only breaks up the plaque layers that have stained your teeth, without damaging the teeth. The only teeth whitening method that can hurt your enamel is excessive brushing with rough plastic bristles.

Any teeth can be whitened

Not true at all, as some people have naturally yellow teeth because of their genetic makeup or use of certain antibiotics or drugs that permanently damage the teeth. Moreover, teeth with a high ratio of decay are not eligible for a whitening treatment, as it can cause them to shatter, not to mention being useless in removing the stains because they are deep-seated at the root.

It isn’t possible to whiten teeth with fillings or composite

The composite or porcelain fillings are not affected by the gel, as they are not supposed to be whitened with any method. The colour of the filling is sampled before it’s implanted based on the colour of your normal teeth. So if your teeth have been yellowish at the time, the fillings may stand out after teeth whitening.

That’s why Smile Clinic as a teeth whitening clinic in London recommends that you carry out teeth whitening before you attempt filling your teeth, or let the dentist know so they can use a filling of lighter shades that can still look natural after teeth whitening.

The teeth whitening effect are permanently

Whitening your teeth doesn’t give you a get out of jail free card for eating and drinking whatever you like, which stain the teeth. On the contrary, after the treatment, the pores on your teeth remain expanded for a short while. During that time, you should not consume any food with sticky colour pigments, like sugary snacks with synthetic food colouring, or even natural colours from drinks like tea and coffee. Once these shades enter your recently whitened teeth they can penetrate into a deeper layer, which is harder to clean. After the pores close up again, they are still prone to colour pigments and must still be protected by regular cleaning sessions with a dental service provider.

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Just because you see it on the internet with a bunch of fake graphs and videos that have been edited, doesn’t make a teeth whitening treatment effective. There are many treatments that provide temporary fixes, and then there are those that actually hurt your teeth or gums and endanger your oral health.

Discuss all whitening supplements and treatments with your dentist to see if they could interfere with the whitening process, especially if you a practising uncommon treatments.

It Will Make your teeth Look Unnatural

This is just jealousy talking. White teeth look more beautiful and natural than damaged and yellowish ones, since they are a sign of good oral health, and can actually be a confidence booster for most. In addition, you can choose how many sessions of whitening treatment you want to get, and you can stop whenever you think the results are what you want. Keep in mind that your teeth will still get stained after a while, so stop the sessions when your teeth are a couple of shades whiter than you would prefer.