Unlocking the Strength Within: Advantages of Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy


Your pelvic floor is very important for the proper functioning of your body from stabilizing your spine and pelvis to supporting internal organs and bladder control. However, if your pelvic floor muscles get weakened, it can create some severe problems.

That’s where pelvic floor physical therapy can help. It helps improve the joints, muscles and nerves of the pelvic region. If you are facing problems along the pelvic region, pelvic floor physiotherapy in Kelowna may be the treatment you are looking for.

Let’s check out the advantages of pelvic floor physiotherapy:

1.      Get rid of pelvic pain

Pelvic pain is a serious condition that can interfere with your day-to-day life. Unlike popular belief, it can affect both men and women and can be very unpleasant. It usually results from inflammation, muscle tension and injuries and is easy to recover from with the right treatment.

You can opt for one of those treatment methods by hiring the services of a pelvic floor physiotherapist near me. A pelvic floor physical therapist helps you perform manual techniques and specialized exercises that help reduce inflammation and muscle tension. Some of those techniques are focused on immediate relief while others are meant to reduce pelvic pain in the long-term.

2.      Supports your internal organs

As mentioned above, supporting internal organs is a major function of the pelvic muscles. However, those muscles can weaken due to various reasons. From giving birth to different kinds of injuries, when your pelvic muscles get stretched excessively, they may loosen or develop tears in the muscle fibres.

When that happens, you’ll have a hard time performing regular bodily functions. If you are suffering from pelvic prolapse, your pelvic muscles won’t be able to work in sync with your urethra, bladder, or uterus for regular activities. Consider visiting a pelvic floor physiotherapy clinic in Kelowna to strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor and enhance support.  

3.      Better bladder control

Poor bladder control can lead to very embarrassing situations. If you have to face leaks quite often or suffer from urinary incontinence, look for a pelvic floor physio near me. The therapists target muscles at the pelvic floor to improve your bladder functions. These muscles tighten around the bladder to stabilize it and minimize risks of leaks when you cough, leak, sneeze or participate in intense physical activities like running or jumping.

Leaks in public aren’t just bad for your physical health but can be quite traumatizing for your mental health as well. Physiotherapy can help you regain control of your bladder and your life. You’ll feel more confident in shared spaces and experience a significant improvement in your quality of life.

4.      Minimize dependence on medication

Whether it’s an injury or sprain in the pelvic floor muscles or some other condition linked to them, regular movements are going to be very painful. Even a short walk to the washroom can be excruciatingly painful. Your doctor may recommend pain medications along with pelvic floor physiotherapy to alleviate your condition.

Physiotherapy in Kelowna helps you minimize your dependence on drugs. Most prescription pain medications are opioids that can get you hooked on them even after the underlying condition is resolved. It’s best to have a holistic approach while healing from your condition and use them as few times as possible. 

5.      Improved core strength

Are you an athlete looking to improve your performance? Your core plays a huge role in your athletic performance and your pelvic muscles are one of the components that add to your core strength. Apart from strengthening your abdominal muscles, you also need to pay attention to the pelvic group.

When you strengthen your pelvic muscles along with your entire core, you’ll have better posture, lower back pain, and be better prepared to handle shocks. You’re less likely to injure yourself on the track, or field and have enhanced physical performance.

6.      Enhance your performance in bed

Your pelvic floor muscles are crucial for healthy sexual function. They have a role in enhancing sensation, arousal and orgasm. If your sexual performance is getting in the way of your relationship, consider visiting a physiotherapy clinic to improve your health and wellness in Kelowna.

When you visit a physio for the pelvic floor, they will discuss your medical history and consider your symptoms to provide a comprehensive healing program. Visit a reputable clinic for stronger muscles, improved bladder control, and enhanced overall wellness for a better quality of life and increased confidence.

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