White Fillings – Patients may opt

White Fillings

Patients may opt for white fillings for cosmetic restoration of the teeth rather than amalgam fillings. They are also called tooth-colored fillings, and many private patients get these at Emergency Dentist London.

Patients receiving dental treatment on the NHS usually get their front teeth covered with white fillings, while the remaining teeth are covered in amalgam or metal filling.

Should you require that your back teeth be masqueraded in white filling as an NHS patient, expect to pay an additional fee plus any other charges the NHS will be demanding during treatment.

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So, expect to pay between £60 to £80 for a tooth, though it depends on how big or small the filling is.

Are white fillings a good option?

This is a question on the lips of many persons considering getting a filling for their teeth. The reason is that several fillings are being used to treat patients. These days, fillings have evolved to have a natural look. Due to self-consciousness, people now prefer to have an inconspicuous filling that won’t give up their treatment. So, instead of going for silver fillings, they choose white fillings London – an option that is barely noticeable when in use.

Do white fillings cost so much?

Depending on the dentist offering the cosmetic treatment, the cost of white fillings may not be the same. Factors that determine the cost of white filling are:

  • The type of white fillings
  • The size of white fillings
  • Duration of treatment

Please note that one region may charge more or less for white fillings than another region. Whatever the case, you will be guided as per cost by your dental team. This is critical before committing yourself to get treated.

How effective are white fillings compared to silver amalgam fillings?

Before now, there had been concerns about the durability of white fillings as silver amalgam proved to be more durable. However, new materials have entered the market with a comparable long-lasting effect like amalgam fillings. And they have been doing a wonderful job when it comes to cosmetic work. How long a white filling will last comes down to its location in your mouth and the impact of your teeth in a bite. Overall, you can consult your dentist to know the lifespan of your tooth filling London.

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Will it be a good idea to switch my amalgam fillings to white fillings?

This decision may look good, but we advise that you speak with your dental team first. If they think your old fillings need a replacement, it would be best to get a switch – then you can request white fillings to replace amalgam.

Installing white fillings on the back teeth is not something certain dentists like to do since the outcome isn’t successful all the time. But a solution to this issue can be found in applying inlays or crowns. Here, there may be a need to tooth reduction, and patients may spend more money.

What materials are used in making white fillings?

Different materials may constitute tooth-coloured fillings. However, the basic materials used to produce white fillings are glass particles, setting ingredients and synthetic resin. If you want to know exactly what your white fillings contain, you should speak with your dentist. They will tell you the primary ingredients used in making your white fillings.

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Aside from fillings, are there other options?

To help people correct gaps between teeth, the dentist may decide that a filling be used after diagnosis. They reduce the teeth a little then adhere the filling to the teeth. After this, the filling will be polished and ready for use.

Your dental condition determines the use of fillings. There are dental issues that may not require the use of fillings. If that is the case, other alternatives like inlays and crowns can be applied, but they may be expensive.

For the front teeth, the dentist may not use filling or crowns; they may decide to use veneers. Whatever is their decision, just know that the dentist knows what’s best for you all the time.

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Ready for white fillings?

Would you like to have your teeth done with white fillings? You can come over to a professional Emergency Dentist London, where we offer a range of treatments for dental issues. Our dental team is always ready to welcome you and answer any questions you may have, including white filling cost London.

Feel free to schedule an appointment with us if you think you need a better aesthetic-looking smile. Who knows, white fillings may be a treatment option for you.


White fillings are a great option for cosmetic work – offering a treatment that’s effective, long-lasting and inconspicuous.