7 small house decoration tips


Having a small place does not mean that you can not decorate it well or put your favorite stuff in the right place. Small houses could be decorated well if you put things strategically. You do need to puzzle yourself up while decorating your house; just keep some tricks and tips in mind, and you are all done. Read  article House Frey.  So, here are a few tips on how you can put things strategically in your small cozy place so that they do not look like a cluster.

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Let the light come in.

Whatever the size of your space, proper sunlight is the most important part. Natural light in your small house will brighten up the walls and make an illusion of a bigger space. You must use curtains which only filter sunlight rather than blocking it completely.

Using Mirror

Mirrors, if put strategically, help the space look bigger and brighter. Mirrors reflect light and hence help in adding additional light, either natural or artificial. Also, mirrors help create the illusion of additional space in the room as they reflect things, adding squares of feet in the viewer’s mind.

Choosing the Right Colour Palette

Choosing the right color palette for your small space is very important. You have two choices: to go with light colors and have an airy, energetic vibe in the house, or to go with dark colors and have a dramatic, romantic vibe. Light colors will add to the brightness of the room, but you can put in dark furniture to contrast with it. Similarly, dark colors create a relaxing mood, and you can light pattern printed furniture to contrast. Don’t forget to use neutral colors if you are using a dark tone. Make sure the ceilings are white and not dark or neutral in color.

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Multi-purpose furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is the best choice for small house decoration. Also, folding furniture serves in many ways. One of the best examples is, sofa-cum-bed or a folding dining table, for instance. These can be used in many ways depending upon the need. Also, the chosen furniture should be scaled so that it does not make a cluster but looks organized.

Utilizing walls strategically

Utilizing your vertical space is quite important when you have a small space. You can add artwork on the walls by using their scale nicely. You may also use wall hangings to decorate your walls or put on mirrors of different sizes and shapes. You may hang on plants or some family pictures on the walls alongside stairs or in the lobby area. You may choose symmetric patterns to design your walls or may use the scaling up or scaling down technique. You may keep the bigger things or furniture near the walls. Also, keep in mind to use every nook and crook of your place.

Sitting Area

If the room is small, make sure the furniture does not cover up the whole space. The furniture should also be small. For example, to make the ceiling high and the room look bigger, you may choose low-height beds or sofas. You may also use sofas with one armrest. These are better than sofas with double armrests, as they consume less space and asymmetry looks nice.

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Doors and Rug

You may use sliding doors in your small place. These do not consume so much space and keep the privacy as it is. Also, choosing the right rug is the most important thing while decorating your house. Rugs or carpets can help the room look bigger if their color palette and size are chosen carefully. Rugs for a small room must be light in color because dark colors absorb the light and make the room look smaller. Rugs must also be within 12 inches of the whole area.

Keeping all these tips in mind, you can strategize your furniture and color palette. Just keep in mind to keep all things cozy and comfortable. A small place is meant to vibe for coziness, so you should think before setting up. So, what should I wait for? Go on decorating your place.