A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Stylish Fireplace Options during Home Renovation

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Come winter and your mind brims with all those snug and cosy ideas to stay warm. Transforming your living room into a comfortable hub where you can gather and chat with your friends is indeed an idea you will love. When creating a dazzling yet warm atmosphere inside the house during home remodelling, the first thing that comes to your mind is the fireplace. So, if you have not changed it in a decade, updating it might be an idea you will love to thrive on during home renovation.

However, finding a fireplace that suits your requirements and temperament won’t be easy during custom home renovation in Vancouver if you don’t update your knowledge. Whether you choose an authentic and traditional fireplace or a gas-based one, make sure it acts like a centrepiece in your house. Here are the options you can explore when replacing the fireplace:

·         Wood-burning fireplace

One of the oldest and most authentic ways of heating your home during the festive season would be the wood-burning fireplace. After all, the smell of burning wood and the crackling sounds evoke Christmas vibes than no other option. However, don’t forget the maintenance woes that come with the traditional vibe. The upkeep of this fireplace comes with plenty of hassles.

You need to clean the chimney and the firebox periodically and spend additionally on a fireplace screen and various other tools to stop the embers from escaping. Finally, a wood-burning fireplace may cause more heat and destroy the chimney if you fail to buy a sealed combustion model. No matter how big or small the home renovations in Vancouverare replacing a fireplace requires you to explore in detail to stay warm during those chilly days.

·         Creating an open hearth

If you don’t have a fireplace yet in your house, an open hearth would be a nice option to choose. With this vintage option, home remodelling looks worth enough of the entire cost. The open masonry structure stays open and is built using stone or brick. However, you need to have a spacious house to ensure that it comes out as a centrepiece. Discuss your ideas with custom home building companies if making significant changes in your home’s layout during renovation will help.

·         Free-standing fireplaces

If you have less floor space in your house, a freestanding fireplace is an excellent option to choose from. It is also useful for homes with complicated layouts. One reason why home building companies love this option is that replacing them would not require changing the structural layout of the house. If you don’t need to build an additional structure around the fire or want to adorn it with expensive materials, you can save the material and labour costs to a great extent.

·         Gas fireplaces

Gas fireplaces have gained popularity over the years as they don’t use propane or natural gas. There are a plethora of reasons why you can rely on this option. You can pick from several different configurations and you may get models that are equipped with vents or go ventless. Moreover, they are easy to operate and allow you to turn them on with a remote. So, if you are expecting a convenient way to heat your home and be flexible as well, get a gas fireplace today.

If you get a vented option, you can try several burning components from modern-looking flames to real-looking ceramic logs. Get a model with a side or vertical vent for more effective functioning. With a ventless model, you won’t have an exterior space through which fumes can escape.

·         Fireplace fuelled by ethanol

One of the latest options with advanced features is a fireplace fuelled by ethanol. This model is also ventless, which means they can be transported anywhere. However, the heat generated will be lower than the previous options. All you need is to rely on safe usage while using this fireplace.

When exploring fireplace options during home renovations in Vancouver, BC, you need to focus on the parameters that suit your requirements and temperaments.

Embarking on a home renovation journey offers a canvas where your style preferences and budget shape the possibilities. Before delving into the process, establishing a clear budget is crucial to avoid surprises. Take a meticulous approach by breaking down expenses for each step, eliminating any financial uncertainties.

For instance, when budgeting for a fireplace insert, factor in additional costs such as installing a gas line, electrical connections, or a propane power source. Be mindful of potential demolition expenses, framing, materials, labour, and any additional needs like a new mantle or drywall repair, ensuring a comprehensive financial roadmap for your project.

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