Handmade items that will add beauty to your room

Mandala Art Tapestry:

Make a white paper and take it to soak in soda Ash. It is then dried for a lovely Mandala Art. Fold the paper into four quarters. Then fold to make an airplane shape. be sure to stay clear of creases when folding. Next, take a sinew to tie the slip knot at a position near the edge. Then, begin twisting the sheet away from the edge to create the multiple folds on the sheet. Once you’re finished by wrapping the sinew onto the sheet, you are able to begin the application of the dye onto the sheet. After you’ve applied the dye, you can put it aside for a while and take it off gently when it is completely dry.

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Wall Hangings:

For this, you’ll require 2 smaller cardboards, two embroidery hoops sheets, and a mirror. The first step is to glue the white sheets onto the cardboard and then attach an embroidery hoop. Then, you can paint your white sheets using the color you prefer. Take the measurements of the mirror onto the cardboard. Ensure that you take measurements of the mirror after taking off the plastic covering it. After measuring you can paint the outside of the cardboard you measured for the mirror. After that, you can simply paste the mirror onto this card and give it a comp, eat and transform your living space.

Print pillow:

If your space is decorated with the look of a desert, you should consider an illustrated cactus-themed pillow that can add a lovely design to your space. For the first step, you’ll need a design or stencil for printing the cactus. Then cut the design of the cactus using the template. After that, you can trace the image on the corkboard, and cut the corkboard into the shape you want. Paint the corkboard cactus with the color you like. Then, take the cushion or cover and place the cork board you painted on the cover.

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Geometric wall decor:

You will require straws made of plastic paint, glue, and transparent push pins. This allows you to choose the geometric shape you prefer, such as diamonds, rhombus, or a rhombus. Make a bunch of straws and cut them into the form of diamonds, for instance, and then join them together with glue. You can then spray the color you want however, if you have white walls then you could apply copper-colored paint on these straws. This will add a lovely appearance to your space and you could also put them up on your desk for study.

Photo display:

It’s like having two-in-one and you’ll need a gorgeous tapestry, a few photos clippings, clips, and a fairy light. Similar to a traditional method to hang your tapestry from the wall using the aid of nails and a hammer. For this, you only need to secure the tapestry at one end, and then poke the nail in it. Then you can repeat this for the other end. Then, take the fairy lights and place them on the tapestry’s nails on both sides. With the clips, you can connect the pictures to the fairy lights that will give an elegant appearance to your walls.

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A bow and toffee-shaped pillow:

To make a pillow with a shape like a toffee it is necessary to have an appropriate pillow, one meter of cloth as well as double-tape. Take the cloth first and put the pillow onto it. With your double tape, you will be able to attach the other end of the cloth onto the pillow. To make a toffee-like shape, you need to gather the ends of the fabric that will be the pillow in one piece and then stitch the ends together to close the two sides. Take the thread, secure the middle of the pillow together and wrap it in a cloth. To add more interest you can embellish the fabric with beautiful beads. In the same manner, you could also create a bow-shaped pillow.

Woolen lamp:

This is the most fascinating decoration item for your room and is especially attractive at night. To do this, you’ll require a balloon, a few woolen threads. Then, blow the balloon and then place the woolen thread over the balloon, in the pattern. Also, attach a thread to on top of the balloon. Then, you can blow the balloon up using the needle, and then take the balloon off. In the end, you’ll get an excellent woolen lamp that you could easily create in the convenience of your own home.