Wedding Legal Requirement as per Australian Law


Wedding Legal RequirementIntroduction

The journey towards marriage and getting married to your loved one is a dream of every dating couple. One may also forget even about legal requirements due to activities involved in planning the wedding from the outfits to the venue of the wedding. When a person wants to get married in Australia it is vital to know the requirements for planning the wedding until the couple gets married. Whether you are planning to have this wonderful event in the church or a civil wedding it is important to understand the legal requirements.

Legal requirements for getting married in Australia

There are important key points that an individual should understand when they want to marry legally in Australia. Wedding legal requirements according to the Department of Attorney General are:

Persons to get married should not be involved in any marriage with other people.

  • An individual also should be at least 18 years of age.
  • An individual should not be marrying their brother, sister, parent, grandchild or child.
  • An individual who is getting married should also use certain words on that particular day of the wedding ceremony.

Paperwork needed for marriage in Australia

Required paperwork and documentation should be made available for a couple to be legally married in Australia. Some of documents or paperwork required include:

  • A Divorce Certificate if a person is divorced.
    If a person is a widower they should show proof by a death certificate or a previous marriage certificate.
  • A statutory declaration provided by the celebrant should be completed.
    If a person is adopted they should provide an adoption certificate.
  • A birth certificate and an Australian or Overseas passport is also required
  • Difference between a marriage certificate and a marriage license

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A marriage license is a document that authorises an individual to get married. One gets a marriage license before a marriage certificate. To obtain a marriage license a couple should be 18 years of age or if younger they should have consent from a judge or parent. On the other hand, a marriage certificate is a document that proves an individual is married. It is also a document that the couple, witness and officiant sign to prove that the couple is married.

Process of Marriage Registration

If a couple is planning to register their marriage they should follow some requirements to ensure that the entire process is done effectively and efficiently. Some of the documentation required during marriage registration include documents indicating the date of birth of both the wife and the husband. There should be a proof of address, for instance, the passport, driving license or voter I.D. The couple should also fill an application form that is signed by both the wife and husband.