All About mission statement?


What is Mission Statement?

It’s a summary of the aims and values of a company, organization or individual.

During my first few months of blogging, I did not have a mission statement. This made it difficult when I was trying to come up with blog post topics and trying to find my focus. I would know what I ultimately wanted my business to be: a place for women entrepreneurs to come and learn about the back end of business – creating budgets, promoting their products and building a successful business. But I never wrote this down and clearly defined what I was setting out to do.

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Gain clarity in your biz.

I started taking an e-course, and one of the first lessons was to create a mission statement. I sat there and started writing bullet points of what I wanted to do. What was my ultimate passion? I started thinking how I could apply my marketing and business skills and create a profitable business from it. My goal is to help entrepreneurs learn everything they need to grow their biz and not have to pay the 6 figures I did to learn how. I started writing down WHO I was creating my biz for, WHY I was creating it and WHAT I was going to do. It’s also best to put a little oomph in your mission statement so people aren’t snoring by the end. I googled synonyms for words to find some fun words that would portray my personality and make sure it wasn’t stiff.

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That 1 or 2 sentences that you come up with will be what your biz lives by. This can of course be tweaked over time if your biz changes and starts to grow. You want all of your work and content to point back to that mission statement. And don’t write it down on a piece of paper and never look at it again. Your mission statement is something that you should be proud to flash around. My mission statement is right on the home page of my site so people know exactly who I am and what I do.

My mission statement:

Provide valuable business education for savvy bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Whenever I write a blog post I ask myself, is this content tailored specifically towards bloggers and entrepreneurs? Will it be the best education they can find for their business? If I can answer yes to those questions, then I’m right on track with my mission statement! How is your content lining up with your mission statement?

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Gain clarity in your biz.

Before crafting my mission statement, I struggled coming up with blog post ideas. I didn’t know what direction I was taking my biz in and just wrote what I thought would turn out to be a lengthy post. Now, I have a list of topics waiting to be written! Sitting down and really thinking about why I started this business and who my target market is has done wonders for my productivity. I’m able to be consistent in my content and strategize the future of my biz. I’ve gained clarity in my goals and I’m able to plan for how to reach those biz goals.

Help your audience understand you & your biz.

Sometimes I find myself looking through someone’s website and I have to search through pages to see what they actually do. If someone is a graphic designer, then the words ‘Graphic Designer’ NEED to be on their website! I love clicking over to a website and the first thing I see is a mission statement telling me who the person behind the biz is & what they do. This way I know right away if I want to keep looking around and if their content can help me in any way. This is another reason you want to put life into your mission. You want someone to read it and say “wow I can’t wait to read her content” or “finally! just the type of biz I’ve been needing!”.

Is your mission statement consistent across all of your platforms?

If you don’t already have a mission statement, don’t worry – I’ve created a worksheet to help you create a powerful mission statement that will capture your audience and set your biz in the right direction. If you do, then I want you to take a few minutes and re-read it. Maybe you created it way back when you first started your biz and your values and goals have slightly changed since then. Make sure it’s expressing you and your biz in the best way possible.

Then look at your products, content and social media platforms. Do they coincide with your mission statement? If they do, then you go girl, you’re consistent on all fronts and your audience knows EXACTLY who you are and what you do! Make sure your social accounts aren’t showing you partying on Friday night when you want to be taken seriously by potential clients. The FIRST thing I do when I discover a new blogger or biz owner is check out if they have a Twitter or Instagram account I can follow. It’s great to let those accounts represent your personality, but make sure everything is line with your mission and helps you get one step closer to your goals.

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