How to Design Your Home With Plants?

How to Design Your Home With Plants

In the contemporary world, we live in, pollution is one of the biggest problems. Pollution not only leads to an unhealthy society, but it also causes several complex issues such as smog. While we cannot escape pollution in big cities, we can opt to look for solutions that give us a pleasant feeling, at least while we are at home.

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Designing your home with plants is one such solution. It will not only aid you in mitigating the adverse effects of air pollution but will also make your immediate surroundings healthier and unique. It is also one of the cheapest interior design methods, which anybody can learn at home. To learn how you can beautify your home by making it greener, you can refer to the steps mentioned here-

Easy Steps to Design Your Home with Plants

  • Know Your Home– Before you go to the market to buy plants, it is essential that you identify certain spots in your house. It is imperative that you identify locations that receive the maximum amount of sunlight. The perfect way to decorate dark corners in your living room would be to use plants that need low light to sustain. While nearly all plants would require water and sunlight, identifying correct spots to keep your plants would make your job easier.
  • Start with the Basics- As it is impossible to become healthy in one day, your house also needs time. Giving in to the temptation of buying expensive plants for your home decoration can be a bad idea. It should be kept in mind that the health of the plants is as important as the appearance of your house. Therefore, it would be a smart thing to stay low key till you learn which plants to buy and how you should take care of them.
  • Identify Plants You Should Buy First- While starting out, it is a smart item to buy plants that can grow easily. As suggested by the website Stauffers of Kissel Hill, beginners should start with Pothos, Bamboo, Snake Plant, Spider Plant, ZZ plant, Succulents and cacti, etc.
  • Consult Local Garden Centre: While starting out, knowledge is key. A local garden centre would advise you about the plants which easily get infected by pests and should be avoided. The home decoration plants are seeded and maintained by specialists who know about the environment that would best suit their growth.
  • Start Decorating Your House- It would be wise to consult a specialist at your local garden centre. Some tips would make your interior decoration easier and would also simplify the future maintenance of your home. You can begin by keeping colourful plants in your living room. It would be an eye feast for your guest. Furthermore, you can also utilise designer planter to make your living room much more elegant. You can also accentuate your home decoration efforts by keeping an oversized plant at a suitable spot in your house. High humid plants will be an ideal choice for your washroom decoration.

Why Do We Use Indoor Plants To Decor Home Interior?

Plants are beautiful creations. The green colour of indoor plants gives peace to the eyes, calm the mind and soothe the soul. Spending some time amid natural plants can energise you, heal internally, and relax the body. Whether it is outside or inside, the green colour of plants brings beauty and freshness to the atmosphere. Besides looking beautiful, there are various reasons why people are considering indoor plants to be placed inside the house.

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As interior decoration has become a trend, decorating your home with plants loaded with numerous benefits that just create an aesthetically pleasing. Interior plants offer a pleasant environment to work, relax and enjoy within the four walls. A perfectly placed indoor plant can bring life to your home. You can spend your whole day in a room or home decorated with natural indoor plants.

All these are the common reasons why indoor plants become the major home decorative item and are considered by most people nowadays. The other predominant benefit indoor plants bring to the environment is air purification. Some air-purifying plants improve the air quality in your house that eventually improve your health. All these reasons push us to plant more and more indoor plants in our homes.

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Indoor plants come in different sizes, colours, types for every nook and cranny of your home. You can choose from a variety of indoor plants for your balcony, room, kitchen, living area, dining table, hanging plants for railing, etc. All are beautiful, safe and win-win home decorative items!


Glittering lights are seen everywhere. Colourful plants, however, are a rarity. Therefore, designing your home with colourful plants is a creative as well as environment-friendly decision. It is not necessary to become an overnight expert while decorating your house with plants, you can start small. With a few easy steps, you can make your house greener and more elegant.