Memorable Wedding Reception Entrance Ideas to Elevate Your Big Day


Your wedding ceremony is very important. You share vows with your partner in front of your loved ones and promise to be there for each other. Right after that comes the second most important event – The Reception, and it deserves the best entrance that wows your guests.

When it comes to the entrance, you have an opportunity to truly impress your guests and blow them away. Make sure to choose an affordable wedding venue in Houston, TX so that you can save expenses on the decor, entrance, catering, and other elements of the wedding. 

Some of the most creative wedding reception entrance ideas from Houston reception halls:

1.   Ride Into the Venue on Something Unique

Your wedding is your moment to shine and you can continue to do so with the reception entrance. However, instead of walking hand-in-hand, you can make it extra special by riding in a unique vehicle. For instance, you can ride on a tandem bike with your partner or just ride into the event on a horse. You can also decorate the ‘vehicle’ with flowers, ribbons, and a cute ‘Just Married’ sign.

2.   Prepare a Dance Performance

Can’t stop scrolling through the wedding dances and performances that go viral on social media? Why not have one for yourself? If you and your group of bridesmaids and groomsmen have experience with musical performances and love to enact the same on your bid day, don’t hold yourself back. However, make sure to book a budget friendly wedding venue in Houston so that you can book a few extra hours to practice the dance with close family and the participants.

3.   A festive Wedding Entrance

Instead of doing something extremely fancy, you can keep things exciting yet simple. The easiest way to achieve that is to create a festive wedding entry. For instance, it can be an aisle with sparkles and other light decorations. Want something with the Marvel theme? Create a tunnel with glowing superhero logos. There are several options for illuminating the entrance. It may be lanterns, flashlights, lightsabers, fireworks, or something else. Think out of the box and have a word with the reception hall for help. Azul Reception Hall goes above and beyond to satisfy their clients and that makes them some of the best places to get married in Houston. 

4.   Jump Out of Something to Surprise Your Guests

Weddings can get a bit vanilla. You need to plan everything meticulously and execute it to perfection. Where’s the fun in that? Sometimes you need a bit of planned spontaneity to add a bit of spice to your sweet wedding. One way to do that is to surprise your guests at the reception by appearing out of an unconventional location.

Think of an interesting prop that can fit you and your spouse and appear out of it to surprise your guests. The prop may be a giant wedding cake, a wine barrel, or something else. You need to involve the wedding reception venue in Houston in this plan so that they can help plan the route for transporting you and your spouse in the prop to the perfect spot in the reception hall safely.  

5.   Smoke, Snow, Glitter and Sparkles

Wedding entrances can be festive or simply colorful and full of activity. Now, there are numerous ways of doing this. When you enter the aisle with your partner, make sparkles, snow, and glitter go off along with an artificial snow machine to make it more dreamy. This creates an air of mystique around the wedding couple and draws everyone’s attention to the stars of the show. Not eccentric enough? How about smoke bombs? Get smoke bombs with your favorite color and make them go off at the same time or in a sequence for an exciting entrance right out of a Hollywood action flick.

6.   Fall from the Heavens

Who says you need to make a grand entrance while moving on the ground? Make a dramatic entrance by falling from the heavens. This idea is perfect for an open-air or garden wedding. Book a hot-air balloon for the ceremony and float into the reception venue. Make sure that you have a certified ‘pilot’ to operate the balloon.

If you are a low-key couple who loves to keep things quiet and simple, you can choose to silently sneak into the venue while everyone is focused on something else. Either way, book an inexpensive wedding venue in Houston so that you don’t have a budget crunch while planning these events. 

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