Most Common Questions About Power Showers


Power showers have become a bit of an internet phenomenon during the past few years and have become a trendy part of most modern home designs. But that has raised many questions on the internet, and a lot of Twitter and Facebook users have been asking their friends and followers about their own experience with power showers. Many people are concerned with the price, while some consider whether it’s an energy-efficient bathroom installation. The word “power” in an electrical appliance doesn’t boost confidence in its energy-saving capabilities. But as you will learn, later on, you shouldn’t make assumptions about this electrical device. It can be more efficient than most regular showers available on the market. After reading this article, installing a power shower may not seem a bad idea.

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How does a power shower combine hot and cold water?

If you look behind the shiny panels of an electric shower, you can see it only has a valve for cold water. A power shower has an integrated heating system, which means it can have independent hot water even when the rest of the main heating system doesn’t work. It can change the temperature based on the user’s needs. In addition, this form of heating reduces energy waste, as the shower can heat just the necessary amount of water.

What is the difference between power showers and electric showers?

Electric showers are the less expensive version of power showers, with small valve sizes and lower water pressure. That means the electric shower uses less energy and water, while the power showers are more comfortable for the user. Electric showers don’t need a water pump, making their installation much more accessible. Power showers need extensive plumbing work if your bathroom doesn’t have the correct pipe size.

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How is a power shower different from a regular shower?

If you live in a home with more than one-bathroom suite, you have probably experienced low water pressure and a shortage of hot water with a regular shower. Even standard electric showers are only able to solve the hot water problem, and the water pressure is still too low. A power shower benefits from a wider valve than usual showers, which means you need some plumbing work done if your shower station doesn’t support them. But the payback is excellent; the power shower becomes a priority in your water consumption. This also means an increase in water expenses, which may not be ideal for drought-stricken locales. Luckily, we don’t have that problem in London with so much rain.

The power shower has an integrated water pump, so if you want to install one on a higher floor, you don’t have to worry about water pressure.

Are electric power showers dangerous?

If you hire a professional electrician to install the power shower, they will observe the safety precautions necessary for a safe installation. All power showers have a safety switch above the shower station so that you can turn the power off in the event of an emergency. In addition, the circuit board itself is equipped with fail safe measures to cut the power off in the event of an emergency to prevent electrocuting the user and frying the power shower itself.

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Can I supply two power showers with one pump?

That is possible, but you need to install a water pump to support the two power showers. The good thing about power showers is that you only need a cold-water source, making the plumbing much easier for two separate showers. Beware that running the two shower sat the same time consumes a lot of energy and water and is highly irresponsible for both the environment and your bank account.

Where can I find companies that offer services for installing a power shower?

You have clicked on the right blog if you have been looking for a trustworthy electrical company, Electric Works London Provides power shower installation services to many clients all over London. Our experience with power shower plumbing and electrical work makes us your best bet for a safe power shower installation.

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