Reconnecting with your college friends after a long break

Reconnecting with your college friends after a long break

Tying new bonds of friendship in adulthood can be a tough task, however, reconnecting with your school friends or college friends or those who lived in your streets could be even more challenging because of the fact that you haven’t seen each other since years or haven’t talked to each other for some reason. If you have suddenly remembered any of your old friends and you are thinking about reconnecting with them but are feeling awkward about the same, then you must think of some or the other ideas that can help you initiate a conversation with your friend. Here are some simple and helpful steps that can help you create that same bond of friendship with your friends after a long break.

Initiate with some flowers

Online flower delivery in Chandigarh can work wonders in terms of helping you to reconnect with your old friends, you can get a bunch of flowers along with an invitation for all your friends and ask them to meet on a particular date and decide the venue as per the convenience of each of your friend and then have a good reunion with all of your college friends or school friends. 

Be bold and make that first move

We know how difficult it gets for us to take that first step towards a journey that would be so long, so even if you are worried about how to take that first step of initiating a conversation with a long lost friend, you must keep all your second thoughts aside and just take that Leap of Faith in your friendship and trust your bond with your friends and initiate a conversation with them. 

Slide into their DM

If you find it difficult to tackle that person in real then you can start it by talking to that person over WhatsApp or Instagram; you can reply to any of their story or status updates and wait for their reply and continue the conversation as per the mood of the person and slowly you can get to know more about what is up with that person? how their life is going and you will soon be able to reconnect with them well. 

 Ask them to meet you in person

If there is a friend who you already know, who you have the number of, who you were in contact with, but you have not contacted them for a long time, then you can directly ask them for a reunion in person. You can invite them to your house or to a cafe and you may buy flowers online as a sweet gesture towards that person. 

Started over the social media

If you have suddenly remembered a friend who lived in your neighbourhood during childhood and went to some other city without any contact with you then you may start looking for that person on social media such as Instagram, WhatsApp etc. you can figure out the correct ID of the person through their name and their profile photo and then you can send a simple follow request or a friend request to that person and hope for you to reconnect soon with your childhood friend. 

Ask a friend to help you

If you are not able to make that first move and confront the person then you may ask some other friend of yours, who knows both of you, to act as a mediator and help you reconnect with each other or you can ask other friends of yours to suggest you ways of initiating conversation and reconnecting with their long lost friend. 

Present them a delicious cake

To revive all the lovely memories of the past with your buddies, a mouth-watering cake can work magic! You can excite them with their favorite cake flavor. Cakes are always loved by everyone, no matter what the age of the person. Therefore, don’t forget to buy a delicious cake for your friends when you’re going to meet them after so long. 

Apologize for your past mistake

If it happened so that you lost contact with a person simply because either of you both did something wrong to each other or there was some misunderstanding between the two of you, then you must focus on having a conversation with them and listening to both sides of the story and forgiving each other for all the past mistakes and starting all fresh with lots of positivity and happiness. You can also order flowers and chocolate online in order to celebrate this reconnection of your bond. 

Invite them for a celebration

Another good way of reconnecting with an old friend would be to invite them for a Diwali celebration. If you have your sister’s wedding or your brother’s wedding then you may invite your college friends or school friends so that you can have a little reunion and enjoy together. 

Plan a short trip

Spending quality time with old friends is something everyone desires because we all know that old is gold. Hence, you can plan for a short trip to Hill station or any other place which you and your friends like the most. You guys will be refreshed and will be able to enjoy the way you desire. 

Hope you like the above suggestions, you may try other of these and see if they work in your favour. 

 All the best! 

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