Types of freight modes & the Industries that uses Air Cargo Services


We cannot imagine the success of any business without transportation. If you are running a product business then transportation is the backbone of your business. The cost of the transportation depends upon the type of freight mode you choose.

Modes of freight may vary upon your parcel size and budget.

Types of freight modes:-

1. Less than truckload freight:-

Sending of goods via road comes under truckload services. This can be further divided into two parts less than truck load and full truckload.

For small businesses less than truckload services fit the best because of the small nature of parcel.

You need to pay for the space occupied by your parcel. Less than truckload freight is not time sensitive.

2.Full truckload freight:-

Full truckload freight suits best for big businesses due to the large nature of shipment.

In FTL, all the items loaded in truck belong to one party.

Full truckload freight is time sensitive. They assure you to deliver parcel under precise timeframe


Intermodal freight is an environment friendly and cost effective mode of freight. This freight is basically a collaboration of two modes of transport i.e. truck and rail. Firstly, container gets loaded in truck then move it towards rail. This shipment then transported via rail and finally loaded into truck and gets delivered to destination.


Air freight is a transportation of goods from one place to other via flight. Air freight is one of the safest modes of transport in terms of expensive and perishable goods. Air freight services are not restricted to particular countries or borders.

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Transportation of goods via sea comes under ocean freight. Ocean freight is the cheapest mode of transport as compare to air freight transport. Apart from affordable, it is environment friendly as well.

For Heavy or big shipments ocean freight is the compatible mode of transport.


Expedited freight is like a express shipment service. Expedited freight is the fastest mode of transport. In this service they are committed to deliver parcel as per your precise time.

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Industries that use air cargo service:-

1.Pharmaceuticals – Some products like vaccines demand temperature control that can only be possible via air cargo services. Timely delivery is also important in case of pharmaceuticals.

2.Online shopping – To survive in online business fastest delivery is very important. Air cargo service fit best for online business.

3.Jewellery – Heavy losses happens, if such products lost. So such product demands insurance.

4.Consumer electronics – Electronics items should be packed using bubble wrap otherwise there is a more chance of getting damage. It requires proper care and handling while delivering.

5.Fashion/garments/ textiles –  Easy custom clearance, Time sensitive etc.

6.Perishables Items – Air cargo is the best medium of sending perishable products like flowers, seafood, fruit, and vegetables. Perishable products have limited shelf like due to its nature it can spoil easily. Timely delivery of such items is recommendable.