How to Embrace the Future With Smart Home Automation Technology?

When you take the liberty to buy a lot at a scenic location and build a custom home, it shows that you have high standards. You want more comfort, convenience and customization. Modern custom homes are the epitome of comfort and convenience and are powered by the latest smart technology.

Smart technology doesn’t mean simply adding a smart assistant from Google, Apple or Amazon. It goes way beyond that with functional and practical upgrades that make a significant difference in your quality of life. Custom home builders in Salmon Arm often blend high-quality construction with smart automation technology to deliver unparalleled convenience to their clients.

Salmon arm home builders recommend adding these smart technologies to your home:

1.   Smart lights and blinds

Smart lights are the most basic and essential smart home tech that every new home needs. Smart lights are only possible with LEDs and that makes them eco-friendly as well. But that’s not enough to pay a premium, right? On the other hand, smart blinds seem like a hassle. Well, let’s go through a scenario.

It’s six in the morning and you are woken up by the sunlight that’s been allowed in by your smart blinds; the lights that were dim and in night mode have been completely turned off. When you leave for work, all the lights turn off on their own and the same holds for the smart blinds. You return from work and as soon as you enter the garage, your home lights up automatically, and the blinds stay off, for privacy of course.

With smart lights and blinds, all of this can be programmed in an app or the system can learn your preferences over time. Moreover, this kind of smart tech also has the potential to increase the value of real estate in the Salmon Arm area since it brings down upkeep.

2.   Smart Tech for Energy Efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency, several technologies talk to each other and work in harmony to reduce your carbon footprint. Let’s check them out:

  • Smart thermostats – When you have a decent-sized custom home, regular thermostats don’t get the job done. Residential builders in Salmon Arm know this and that’s why they install smart thermostats. This technology helps regulate the temperature in different rooms according to your schedule. 
  • Smart water sensor – These sensors detect leaks in different parts of your plumbing system and send out a warning to your phone. This enables you to patch up small problems with minor repairs before they escalate.
  • Solar panels and energy monitoring system – Modern solar panels usually come with a dedicated energy monitoring system that makes more efficient use of available resources towards a net-zero home and reduces your dependency on the grid.
  • Smart appliances – Smart appliances talk to your home’s energy monitoring system and have connectivity features that make them more efficient and convenient.

3.   Smart Tech for Enhanced Security

For most people, their home is their greatest asset. Luxury custom homes are pricey assets that need to be protected and must-have features that protect your property from theft and keep your loved ones safe. British Columbia home builders integrate these technologies in custom homes to strengthen your sense of security:

  • Smart cameras and alarm systems – Smart security cameras and alarm systems that are powered by advanced algorithms can detect humans and patterns of theft or damage. They can work together to send you alarms on your app and notify the authorities when you aren’t home. With a cloud subscription, you can even remotely monitor what’s going on in your home and around it.
  • Smart doorbell and locks – Smart doorbells are equipped with audio communication capabilities that allows you to speak to delivery personnel and service providers when you aren’t home. Smart locks allow you to let someone in your home in a similar situation or just get rid of physical keys for more flexibility.  

Award-winning home builders in BC also install mesh-WiFi networks, smart speakers and other such devices that connect to all these smart devices in your home seamlessly. This smooth wireless communication network is the key to maintaining a comfortable and effortless experience. Reputable builders care about their clients and make sure to inspect and test out these smart technologies before handing over your dream home.

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