Simple Steps to Craft a Relaxing and Refreshing Vacation

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When designing vacation homes, it’s important to not lose sight of your goals. Vacations are meant to calm you down and help you relax. If you go all out with the decor and features, you’ll spend more time maintaining it instead of enjoying your stay.

Consider going minimal with the decor to create an ideal vacation sanctuary for you and your family. When you buy an Okanagan home for sale and turn it into a vacation retreat, you can also rent it out to recover a portion of the mortgage and get away with minimal upkeep.

Let’s discover the secrets to design your simple and refreshing vacation abode:

1. Keep it simple and clutter-free

The word minimal may as well translate to simple when it comes to interior design. Look around the room and identify unnecessary items. The list can vary drastically and range from a bin to an extra pair of ottomans. When you get rid of unnecessary items, you reduce the burden on yourself drastically.

There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars every year on maintenance or waste several hours doing it yourself. Uncluttered and simple spaces also appear larger and can make your cozy vacation home roomier. Okanagan home builders often use this trick while building homes on small lots.    

2. Adhere to a neutral colour scheme

People often think ‘dull’ when they think of neutral colours. However, neutrals are far from dull. They can be warm, and soothing and elevate your mood while also minimising upkeep. Neutral colours are all about subtle undertones that can fit into any space. For instance, grey comes with underlying tones of blue, pink, purple, brown and other such colours. These help you to mix and match decor and furniture in the room.

That’s why neutrals are perfect for vacation homes with rooms that don’t have a set purpose. Any room can turn into a guest room, playroom, AirBnB or something else that you want without looking out of place. Most of the premium homes for sale in Kelownausually come with neutral paint schemes since they work so well and tend to be inoffensive. 

3. Play around with textures

Despite the popularity of minimalist design in regular and vacation homes, it is hated by many and for good reason. Most minimalist home decor tips you find online are just bland. They are uninspiring and sometimes also get associated with brutalist architecture. So, what’s the secret to making your minimalist vacation home not boring? Textures! Playing with textures allows you to shake things up and create depth.

Segment a room into several layers. For instance, the walls can be a layer, furniture pieces another with the floor being the final piece in the puzzle.

  • Separate the floors with a textured rug
  • Use a few fuzzy yet easy-to-clean cushion covers for the couch, and
  • Add a couple of minimal paintings or textured rugs on the walls.

You don’t need to follow this recommendation to the tee. Kelowna’s new homes for sale may come with similar use of textures and you can play around to find the style that’s right for you.

4. Incorporate modular furniture

Minimalism always focuses on less. After you declutter, the next step to increase the space in your vacation home is to use modular furniture. Modular furniture can be detached, folded, combined and modified easily and quickly to serve multiple functions. For instance, during the day, your couch can be for leisure.

When it’s time for bed, you can turn it into a full-sized bed by unfolding the lower portions. On the other hand, add breakfast counters to your kitchen to eliminate the need for a dining table. Vacation homes are usually in scenic locations and that gives you an excuse to turn the window bay into a cozy nook for taking in the natural beauty. If you are building a brand-new Okanagan custom home, you can build these features from the get-go.

In essence, designing a minimalist vacation home aligns with the essence of relaxation. By embracing simplicity, neutral colours, playful textures, and modular furniture, you can craft a serene retreat. Shedding unnecessary items reduces your maintenance woes while making room for tranquillity. Prioritise a minimalistic approach to create the ideal sanctuary where peace and enjoyment harmonise effortlessly.

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