Things to Consider When Choosing a Lot for Your New Home

It’s a seller’s market and that’s why potential homebuyers are looking to grab anything that lands on the market. However, it’s best to take your time and scout a good location to build a custom home that is tailored to your needs.

When it comes to lots, everyone tells you about location, three times at that. While location is important, several other factors need to be considered when looking at lots for sale in West Kelowna. After all, you are trying to build a home that you’ll live in, grow your family or retire in.

Consider these factors while looking at new lots:

1. Lot shape

There are primarily five lot shapes:

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Pie-Shaped
  • Reverse Pie-Shaped
  • Irregular

Rectangular lots are more common and the usual option to go for since they allow you to easily measure the dimensions and minimize disputes about property lines. When you choose a rectangular lot, you’re less likely to quarrel with your neighbour over the fence line. New developments in West Kelowna are full of rectangular lots that make maintenance easy and make space allocation for the front and backyard less confusing. These lots are highly coveted since they are great at preserving their value.

If you can’t get your hands on a rectangular lot, choose a pie or reverse-pie-shaped lot. Communities that have curves or cul-de-sacs (a street with a closed-end) usually have these lots. They are the next best thing and allow for a larger front or backyard along with opportunities for building a dedicated barbeque station or pool at the corners.

2. Lot position

The position of a lot also has a major effect on its usability and value. Cul-de-sacs usually come out on top as they are the ending point of a street. That means very few cars are making turns around your home. You’ll enjoy more privacy and less noise. However, when you choose a cul-de-sac plot, you’ll end up with a pie-shaped lot and that translates to a smaller porch and limited curb appeal. Well, you win some, you lose some!

However, you’re in luck when you have access to an interior lake view lot for sale in Okanagan. These rectangular lots have excellent curb appeal and grant access to the amazing scenery of Okanagan Lake. They also offer appropriately sized backyards and front yards. 

3. Community

When it comes to the community you choose to build your home in, it’s a very personal choice. Everyone has different priorities and you may prioritize certain features over others. However, every good community has a few things in common. They all prioritize walkability which grants a higher quality of life to residents.

Moreover, it’s best if the community has a healthy mix of different types of homes including single-family homes and multi-generational residences. This creates diversity and makes the community stronger and livelier. The best communities are also built without disturbing the natural balance. They make the most out of the natural landscape and terrain. 

4. Amenities

When you buy a lot for your new house, you intend to explore the local food, shopping enterprises and entertainment available in the area. The lot’s proximity to different amenities determines its demand. For instance, the West Kelowna region is a vacation paradise. It has vineyards, wine trails, farms and fine restaurants. Imagine sipping on the finest local wines that have become a part of your personal collection in your home cellar.

Reputable Okanagan home builders can build you a dream home with similar features that help you make the most out of the local amenities. If you get a lot in West Kelowna or other locations near Okanagan Lake, you are also a short drive away from amazing beaches that offer activities like kayaking and paddleboarding. Moreover, during the winter season, you can ski, snowshoe and indulge in other incredible adventures. Buying a lot at the right location with desirable amenities can make a huge difference towards living a happy and fulfilling life.

While navigating a seller’s market can be tricky, remember, your dream home deserves a dream foundation. By prioritizing factors like lot shape, position, community features, and proximity to amenities, you’ll build more than just a house, you’ll build a lifestyle. Don’t settle for the first plot you see. Take your time, consider these crucial elements, and find the perfect lot that unleashes the true potential of your custom-built haven.

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