Unlock Energy Savings by Investing in a New Townhome

New Townhome

When you’re in the market for a new home, you have the option to choose between a pre-owned home, a pre-built one, or a custom home that suits your requirements. The first option may not be a great choice for several reasons, one of them being poor energy efficiency.

Buying a brand new townhomes in Kelowna or building one is a great investment. Moreover, it’s also good for the planet. While new homes come with a slightly higher price tag, the energy savings more than make up for it.

Let’s Check Out Ways In Which New Townhomes For Sale In Kelowna Can Reduce Your Energy Usage:

1. New Homes Come With Better Insulation

Most Canadian households spend a major chunk of their monthly energy expenses on heating their home. Insulation is a big component that contributes to that cost. If you have poor insulation, you’ll end up paying way more than you need to. Depending on the year of construction, old homes may have anything from subpar to very poor insulation. If previous homeowners have ignored upgrades and maintenance, your residence may allow air drafts and have leaks that further bring down its heat-trapping capabilities.

On the other hand, when you invest in a reputable Kelowna home builder for building a custom home, you get the greatest insulation material technology has to offer. There’s no need to be responsible for the mistakes of the previous owner either. You don’t get to witness leaks and gaps. New homes also come with double or triple-pane windows and doors that make an airtight seal and add to the insulation of your new home. Reputable builders provide you with a warranty period. If you find a problem with insulation during that time, you can get it fixed for free. 

2. Choose A Townhome With The Ideal Orientation

Townhomes share walls with one or more townhomes. That’s why orientation is very important. A townhome that faces north or south will get more natural sunlight. When you buy a property that faces those directions, you’ll need to keep fewer artificial lights on during the day.

Natural light doesn’t just serve the practical purpose of lighting your space but has a positive effect on your mental health as well. Picking a townhome with the right orientation is a breeze when you’re looking at Kuiper’s Peak townhomes. When you’re looking at old townhomes, it’s very difficult to land on a unit with the right orientation.

3. Comes With Smart Features

Smart home technology isn’t just a buzzword anymore. It’s a feature that’s in high demand and that’s why builders add that to new projects. Most of Kelowna homes for sale also come with smart LED lighting that can be controlled from your smartphone.

They also come with smart thermostats that allow you to climate control different rooms separately. You also get the option for remote control so that you can keep your pets comfy while you go on an errand or return to a warm and cozy home after a long and snowy drive. Apart from adding convenience to your life, these smart features also help you save money on energy consumption.

4. Integrated Energy Generation

If you are looking to build your own custom home, you also have the option to add solar energy generation capacity. New homes are well-built and don’t demand extreme changes for adding solar panels. On the other hand, old homes may come with several structural problems that may need to be addressed before going through with renewable energy generation.

Modern solar panels are very efficient and come with several tax benefits that present you with a high ROI (Return on Investment). Solar panels don’t just help you to save energy. They may become a revenue source that sells excess electricity back to the grid.

5. Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Energy prices aren’t the only utility bill that’s increasing. The same holds for water bills. When you’re looking at new housing developments in Kelowna, you have the option to choose one that comes with a rainwater harvesting system.

New homes boast superior insulation, optimal orientation for natural light, and smart features that reduce energy consumption while enhancing comfort. Additionally, they offer integrated energy generation options like solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems, providing both long-term savings and potential revenue streams.

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