“Achievement Unlocked: Ahluwalia Contracts Secures 426.57 Crore Order for Retail Block Construction in New Delhi”

Ahluwalia Contracts Secures 426.57 Crore Order

Ahluwalia Contracts, a prominent construction company, recently achieved a major milestone by securing an impressive order valued at 426.57 crore. The order entails the construction of civil structures and external development work for a retail block located at Plot No. LP-1B-02 in DIAL II Aerocity, New Delhi.

This notable achievement further solidifies Ahluwalia Contracts’ position as a trusted and reliable player in the construction industry. With their extensive experience and expertise, the company has consistently delivered exceptional projects, garnering the trust and confidence of clients and stakeholders alike.

The magnitude of this order demonstrates Ahluwalia Contracts’ ability to handle complex and large-scale projects, showcasing their commitment to excellence and dedication to quality. By undertaking and successfully executing projects of this nature, Ahluwalia Contracts continues to establish itself as a key contributor to the development and growth of the construction sector.

As they embark on this new project, the company is well-positioned to make a significant impact and deliver exceptional results, further enhancing their reputation as a leader in the industry.

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