LIC, Motilal Oswal & Elpro International Ltd. buys Jio financial Shares



In recent developments, several notable investment players have made significant moves in the realm of Jio Financial Services. LIC, Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund, and Elpro International Ltd. have all taken strategic steps to acquire stakes and shares in this financial services entity. These actions highlight the growing interest and confidence in Jio Financial Services within the investment landscape.

LIC Acquires 6.66% Stake in Jio Financial Services:

One of the most significant developments is the investment by Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), a prominent state-owned insurance and investment company. LIC has acquired a substantial 6.66% stake in Jio Financial Services, indicating its confidence in the company’s growth prospects and the potential for strong returns. This move positions LIC as a key player in shaping the future trajectory of Jio Financial Services.

Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund’s Acquisition of 3,72,00,000 Shares:

Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund, a renowned player in the mutual fund industry, has made a noteworthy investment by purchasing 3,72,00,000 shares of Jio Financial Services. This strategic acquisition underscores the fund’s belief in the company’s financial performance and its ability to generate value for its investors. The significant share purchase also demonstrates Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund’s commitment to diversifying its portfolio and capitalizing on emerging opportunities in the financial sector.

Elpro International Ltd.’s Share Acquisition:

Elpro International Ltd., a company with diverse business interests, has taken a step into the financial sector by acquiring 1.5 lakh shares of Jio Financial Services. This move suggests that Elpro International Ltd. sees potential synergies between its existing operations and the financial services domain. By venturing into this sector, the company aims to leverage its expertise and contribute to the growth and development of Jio Financial Services.


The recent investment activities involving LIC, Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund, and Elpro International Ltd. have brought Jio Financial Services into the spotlight of the investment community. These actions signify a growing confidence in the company’s prospects and potential for generating substantial returns. As these established entities align their resources and expertise with Jio Financial Services, the landscape of the financial sector is likely to witness further evolution and innovation.

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