Android vs Iphone – Comparison between Android and Iphone

Today where the smart phones leading the world Android & iPhone becomes the most successful smart phones. A smart phone is a type of mobile phone with more sophisticated networking and computing capabilities than a modern feature phone. Every user wants to use a smart phone with fully loaded features and fast . A smart phone enables the user to execute and multitask programmes that are native to the underlying hardware.

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There is a wide range of smart phone available in the market near about every level of range. There is number of platforms available for smart phone such as Google Android Operating System, Symbian OS, Blackberry OS, Microsoft Windows Phone OS, IOS (also known as iPhone Operating system) and some more. Every OS for phones provides its own features. An Mobile operating system controls a mobile device or information appliance similar as an operating system such as Windows, Mac OS, or Linux that controls a desktop computer or laptop.

In 2010 saw the rapid rise of the Google Android operating system by Google Inc and IOS by Apple Inc. The generation of mobile phones by Apple and Google with the features like never before and equal to the apps like running on a desktops or laptops, and its the when the users are confusion for which phone have to buy according to users requirements. Here I am going to tell u features, advantages and disadvantages of two latest and leading Mobile OS which are widely used at the time.

1. Android has the advantage of BOTH open source and central control of a powerful and innovative company.Google, Open Handset Alliance (mostly cellphone manufacturers), and the Open Source community. While In IOS the changes can make only by Apple.

2. There are number of phone manufacturer companies, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Dell, Archos, Acer, Asus ROG Phone 5, and more are growing. But the case of iPhone only Apply available.

3. You can now choose Android phones with different Phone carrier like GSM, CDMA but with the iPhone there is only one choice for GSM Phone carrier.

4. For android we can choose either Fully Touch Screen Device or Touch with Slideout Physical Keyboard on the other hand iPhone is Fully Touch Screen phone and no choice for Physical Keyboard only a touch screen virtual keyboard is available.

5. Due to many manufacturer companies for Android Phones, it is mush faster with up to dual-core 1.2GHz processor while the iPhone powered by Cortex-A8 clocked at about 800 MHz processor.

6. There are over 425,000 apps for iPhone in App store, while android market have quite less than it.

Using an iPhone we must have iTunes just to connect and managed iPhone and for Android no proprietary software needed. Keep in mind the above points when you go for buy a smart phone specially when you have to choose between Android or iPhone.