Best programming language to learn in 2022


To claim that technology is evolving at a rapid rate would be an underestimate.

These programming languages are now more advanced just as computer hardware continues to get smarter. As a result, what we do with the code varies as there are many computing areas where coding is used and effective. Therefore, when it comes to learning about the top programming language in 2022, the response should be future-oriented, judging from past discoveries.

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Python was developed by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. Holding simplicity and beautification in mind, it was launched and is one of the best programming languages for professional software developers and engineering generalists to learn in 2022.

  • With the syntax being very short, Python programming is easy to understand. Coders can edit and change programs pretty quickly and run tests because of simple lines of code.
  • It supports Windows, Linux, and  even iOS OS
  • As it is a high-profiled language, on one device, code can be generated and run on another separate system.
  • While the Android operating system is also supported, it closely resembles mobile computing.
  • In its library, there are over 200 regular modules, but talk of third-party plugins, the sky’s the limit.
  • Since software developers find it easy to scale complex applications, Python frameworks easily integrate with other programming languages.
  • It makes it possible to perform complex ML (Machine Learning) tasks since Python is of overall purpose. As a result, coders will concentrate on designing prototypes that make it easier for the testing of machine learning programs.
  • This blends well into the continuing change of IT Ops towards FLOSS, i.e. Free-Libre / Software from Open Source.
    Python coding has been widely used by the world’s leading tech firms, including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and IBM, among others. Therefore, whether it is 2022 ‘s top 8 or the top 5 programming languages, Python will remain the first on the list.

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In 1996, Java programming stormed onto the tech industry and has maintained its role since then, time and again as a bankable alternative for the creation of enterprise applications. An attributable explanation for this is that Java is stable, so we place it among the top 5 on the 2022 list of programming languages to be learned.

  • Its “Write Once Run Anywhere” function makes it possible to initially prepare the code on one computer and run it on another.
  • Its success can be understood from the fact that at the time of its launch, Java was Google’s preference for creating applications for Android.
  • Java came with an automated allocation of memory and collection of garbage, features that guarantee enough CPU memory for other applications to use.
  • The security manager feature of Java, and the explicit pointer exclusion, make it a safe language for top coders to code in.
  • It is in Java that developers discover comprehensive APIs for which a range of tasks such as network, database connection, etc. can be initiated.
  • With distributed computing, java supports multiple computers to exchange information without the need for additional APIs to be developed.

Multithreading allows this language of programming to reduce delays at runtime. Such qualities and consistent online community help provide plenty of resources to develop one’s career. Java is as fantastic as they are here for better technology ahead. Most coding apps support running these codes.


As one of the three main languages that allow web pages to function, JavaScript lies at the heart of the World Wide Web. The other two are CSS and HTML. Hence, learning JavaScript in 2022 is strongly recommended.

  • It is used on web pages to produce responsive components that include animations, sports, menus or video clips.
  • Saying that JavaScript drives the front end of a web page will not be incorrect. Yet the JavaScript apps are not limited to that.
  • JavaScript can be used to build mobile applications with the implementation of frameworks like React and Phonegap.
  • JavaScript is also based on Vue, Angular, and Respond Native, promoting its importance. Node.js is an open-source, JavaScript-based runtime environment.
  • Node.js is used widely by present-day programs including Uber, Paypal, and Netflix.

Go Language Programming

In order to address the failures of other coding languages used by developers, the Go language was developed at Google. They decided to overcome their mutual disdain for the techniques of programming C++ by doing so. Trends in programming languages for 2022 show a growing interest in Go.

  • Development efforts to build Go needed to maintain useful features such as static writing, reliability of runtime, networking, multiprocessing, and code readability/functionality.
  • There is a substantial reliance on third-party packages for components when operating with other programming languages.
  • This outward dependency on a strong standard library is removed by Go.

R Language programming

The fresh rage is R programming for data science. It is one of the top data science programming languages appropriate for 2022.

  • R libraries are used to construct statistical analysis of the output level depicted with visually appealing designs that allow data visualization fast work.
  • A typical option for software development is the comprehensive development environment offered by R.
  • It is also possible to apply R to build web apps. With regard to its Rshiny packages, this motive is accomplished.
  • For distributed computing, this programming language may also be used, wherein tasks are assigned to different nodes (computer machines) in order to maximize processing time. Since R is a language that is interpreted, a compiler is not required.
  • R is also used for exploring data in machine learning. Working with data processing technologies such as Apache Hadoop and Spark, it can be synchronized.
  • And if these features are not enough, you can use R to produce reports in your preferred format, be it a PPT or word doc. Thanks to these characteristics.


Learning is a great step and a major determinant of knowledge, however, learning programming can be an asset both now and in the future especially if you learn the top programming languages that are more useful to the programming industry. So this list highlights the top 5 programming languages you must learn if you want to be a successful programmer. Take a step today and start learning.