Call Trapping For Teen Struggling  With Autism


It was about that time when we moved to the new city that my son started behaving differently. We all noticed the changed behaviour. At first, we thought that it might be because of the sudden change of city, schools and friends but with time things started taking worse turns. That’s when we decided to step up.

It was a late diagnosis. Though children with autism show signs in childhood there is a chance that some children show the symptoms when they are in primary or even in secondary school. Turned out that the changing environment triggered the signs.

As it is the time that they challenge themselves socially and academically. Thus he was unable to make a new friend or participate in a constructive age-related conversation in the classroom and with the company because of this. It had nothing to do with rebel attitude as we thought earlier that he is planning to torture us and made things difficult for us so that we will send him back to his old school.

The thing the doctor told us at that time was that it will not change anything about your child or how we think about him but the diagnosis will certainly help us understand him better. The reason behind his various actions will now be easy to understand.

At first, we all were worried but as time passed we started to grasp the situation. The first thing his dad told me was that we will monitor him 24/7. Well, 24/7 is a big statement and at that time I had no idea what he was planning or talking about. Later on, he told me that he is planning to install a parental control app on his android. He keeps his phone with him wherever he goes thus it will help us know about him in detail and we will be able to follow him around 24/7.

His basic aim was to watch them around by using the spy camera app for android and listening to him with the call trapping feature. The TheOneSpy spy app offers both of these features along with many more. So we got the app. It has helped us in this tough time and enabled us to understand our son in a better way.

Here is how an app has helped us to make things easier for our autistic children.

Following Him Around Has Been Possible:

The app has practically made it possible for us to follow him around round the clock. At first, I thought, it was just a joke but thankful monitoring him through his android has been so much easy. One can know about all the online and offline activities of the target person through the help of the spy app. The use of the parental control app is legal for parents as they are the legal guardian of minor kids. You can use this feature to assure their wellbeing.

Spy camera app for Android:

One of our main targets was to watch them when he is away from home. The spy camera feature for android has made things easy for us. We can use the front and remote camera of the target device at any given time to monitor the kid and the surroundings. This also let us know if he is struggling in any situation or if anyone is bullying him because of his issue.

Call Trapping:

Call traping allow the user to listen to the calls and conversations that happen through the target device. The app gives remote access to incoming and outgoing calls and recordings. You can know if anyone is bullying or harassing them through calls, or if they are receiving spam calls.

Listen to them:

Listening to the kid and the company is possible with the help of the mic bug feature. The app lets the user listen to all the surrounding sounds and voices of the target. You can track any bully or know about an awkward situation.

Track the pattern:

We were able to track the pattern by using many other features as well. For example, the text log feature let the user know about the text details. Similarly, in case he is struggling or visiting triggering stuff the track internet browsing history feature notify about the activity as well. The TheOneSpy spy app had made things so much easy for our family.

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