Netflix not working on LG TV – Fixed


The TV entertainment sector has virtually been taken over by streaming platforms. The days of paying astronomical amounts for cable TV to receive a hundred channels that one didn’t even want to watch are long gone. Users can only pay for services that have a particular collection of films and TV shows in their catalogs when using subscription services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. With more than 213 million paying subscribers as of Q3 2021, Netflix is without a doubt the biggest OTT platform in use. With more than 14,000 items behind one paywall, Netflix has made it simpler than ever to watch any entertainment you want while lounging at home.

Netflix is accessible on a variety of platforms, including the web, Android and iOS phones and tablets, as well as other smart TVs like Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, and Fire TV Stick. The majority of current smart televisions also have Netflix pre-installed. Netflix is a very popular OTT platform that is being used by a lot of people nowadays, and we understand how annoying it can be to face an error code while you want to chill with your loved ones while watching a movie and you see the error code that indicates ‘Netflix not working’ on your TV screen. If you’re experiencing this issue and want to get to the bottom of it, keep reading.

When it comes to pictures, sound, and even price, LG televisions are excellent. We are envious of you if you have an LG TV and enjoy streaming Netflix content on it. The Netflix app on LG TV is far from ideal, but every service has its share of issues. If your LG TV is giving you the unpleasant Netflix not working error message, we’ll walk you through the process of fixing the issue in this post.

How to resolve the LG TV problem for Netflix not working

Several things could be causing your LG TV to have problems with Netflix. In this short article, we’ll go through some of the best troubleshooting techniques that will essentially resolve this bothersome problem.

1.Netflix app update

Check to see whether the Netflix app has any available upgrades by opening the app store on your LG TV. It is not mandatory that the problem is on your TV; the problem could be on the Netflix application. In most cases, updates fix the problem. If an update is available, then update your application and try to open it again. If the error is still there, try another method.

2. Review your account information

You might be experiencing account-related troubles if you are unable to stream anything using the Netflix app on your LG TV. The validity of your subscription may have expired, or your payment method may have been restricted. We recommend that you log into your Netflix account on a computer or laptop and check to see if your account has been blocked or if an error message has appeared. If any error is appearing there, log out of your account and log in again.

3. Check your LG TV for software updates

Check to see if any updates are not available on your TV with the help of the TV remote by selecting Settings. Go to General > About this TV and look for any available software upgrades. The majority of IoT Applications For Entrepreneurs on these smart TVs often demand the installation of the most recent operating system. We advise using a dependable internet connection to update your device if software updates are available.

4. Wi-Fi connection

Make sure your LG TV has a secure WiFi connection. Re-add the network in the settings app if necessary. Make sure that your WiFi is working properly. You can test this by changing your Internet connection. It is recommended that you check your internet connection with another device to ensure that you do not have an interconnection problem. Instead, you can employ a straightforward technique: turn off your Wi-Fi router and then turn it back on after a short while. You can also contact your Wi-Fi service provider and ask them to increase the speed.

5. Apply a VPN

Make sure your VPN connection is not active if you want to access Netflix properly. If you’re unfamiliar, VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. That means a VPN is used to change your current location. Make sure that your location is set to the location where you are living or where your TV is situated. If your location has not been properly configured, you can adjust it manually by navigating to Settings. If Netflix does not work after correctly configuring your location. It could mean that Netflix is blocked in your nation or area. In that case, you can also use a VPN to change your virtual address to access Netflix.

6. Uninstall the Netflix app

The software should be entirely uninstalled and reinstalled if an update does not fix your Netflix not working issue. It is a simple process, but most errors will be resolved with this simple method. By uninstalling the application, any type of problem or update that could be the reason for the error will get resolved automatically. You can easily reinstall Netflix using the Play Store.

7. LG TV factory reset

If nothing else resolves the annoying Netflix issue with your LG TV, we encourage you to try factory resetting the TV itself. You can change this through the Settings app, but be careful because doing so will wipe out any data that was previously saved on your TV.

We sincerely hope you found our guide to Netflix not working on LG TV to be useful. Please feel free to visit our official website,, to get in touch with us if you have any queries about the guide; we’ll be pleased to assist!

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