How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Whats App Messages


This article is about recover deleted whatsapp messages. As you all know that whatsapp is the most popular instant messenger in the world right now. People facing many problems with whatsapp one of them is to recover deleted whatsapp messages. At some points our whatsapp messages are erased accidentally. Around then if one doesn’t have specialized information then they can’t get their messages back. So here we can help you to recover your deleted whatsapp messages. Read this article very carefully to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages.

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Whatsapp takes backup of your messages daily so with the goal that their client can recuperate whatsapp messages. In any case when a message is erased accidentally then a few clients are not able to to get their sms back. So we are suggesting to use this trick to get your sms back to your whatsapp.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages Steps :-

To use this trick you have to use your file manager. Some smartphone don’t have a file manager, we suggest them to download ES File Explorer to explore their all files. Now follow the below steps –

  1. Just visit to your whatsapp Database folder using this path sdcard/Whatsapp/Database. you can easily access this folder using your file explorer.
  2. Open this folder and you can see a file there with the name msgstore-2014-12-04.1.db.crypt. this file have date.
  3. In the same folder you will get a file name msgstore.db.crypt, Simply remname this file like mymsgstore.db.crypt.
  4. After this work you need to search for thie file which shows date when you deleted your whatsapp messeges . in my case file name is msgstore-2014-12-04.1.db.crypt, simply rename this file as msgstore.db.crypt
  5. After it just visit to Settings>applications>manage Applications>Whatsapp just click on clear data.
  6. now go to whatsapp, fill the required details and click on restore option.
  7. That’s it, your accidently deleted messages will be recovered
  8. This is the most famous and easiest trick to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages. .

But we suggest you to take a backup of all your messages daily. so you can never miss your messages and personal information. Hope you like this post and this will be informative for you and helped you to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages. Please share this information with your friends and family .