How to Solve Pen drive Shortcut Problem

Pen drive Shortcut Problem

This article is about pen drive shortcut virus problem. Virus is always a problem for computers, Laptops and other tech gadgets. These days a problem is happening with most of college students that when they install their pen drive in Laptop or Computer.

All data stored in Pen Drive Become shortcut and they Can’t Copy it properly into their laptop. There is a malware that makes your all stored data Shortcut. So Here we are discussing about how to Solve Pen Drive Shortcut Virus Problem.

First off all you have to install a good antivirus like Quick heal or Kespersky Total security. If you do not want to purchase these antiviruses simply use Window Defender. If you are using Window Defender you Don’t need to worry about hackers, kinds of hacking and key-loggers. Window Defender is a very decent antivirus for windows. If you have windows 8, windows 8.1 and windows 10 then this is pre installed for you.

So there is a another way with that you can store back your all data that is made shortcut by virus. You can see that in this post below. We wish that your Pen Drive Shortcut Virus Problem will solve by reading this post.

Pen Drive shortcut Problem Solution :

There are some tips for how to Solve Pen Drive Shortcut Virus Problem

• First off all always scan every pen drive with a good antivirus like Window Defender.
• If your data is made shortcut you can recover it just see below.
If you already suffers with this problem then use these tips
o First of all uninstall all antivirus and then install Avast antivirus.
o Then open Avast antivirus and Perform a Boot Scan and restart your laptop or computer.
o After full scan follow the instruction given on your screen and delete all your viruses.
o After it just install your pen drive and format it.
o Then check that your problem is solved or not.
• If your Problem is not solved then just Uninstall avast and install Kespersky antivirus and perform a full system scan then your problem will be definitely solved.
If your Pen Drive Shortcut Virus Problem is not solved yet then please comment below with your problems.

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How to Recover Data From Pen Drive shortcut Problem?

If your Laptop or Computer is infected with this virus and you just install you pen drive and your all data will made shortcut. Then you don’t need to take tension. You can easily recover your data that is made shortcut in pen drive by virus.

Just Follow these steps to recover your data :

• Just Press window icon on your keyboard
• Search for CMD And click on it
• After it a black screen Command Prompt will open
• Just Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:*.* there and hit enter
• g is your pen drive letter if your pen drive is Removable Disk(H:) then you have to type h on the place of g
• there are space between attrib and -h , -h and -r and all others.
• After it just open you Pen Drive and you can see that your all data will recovered.
We hope that now your problem is solved if you have any problem yet you are welcomed in comment box. Please share this with your friends.