No Sexting Or Sensitive Content Sharing With Snapchat Spy App

Ask an adult what is the worst thing they did in teenage and you will hear some minor incidents which may not come under major issues for today’s teen.Now ask a teen to tell about their biggest mistake and they may change the topic or perhaps after a couple of stories you might want to change the topic.This is how dangerous today’s teen life is. Dangerous is a vast world that includes, online safety, real-life troubles,hobbies and interests, free time activities,friends and company inshort everything. Teenage is connected with stubbornness and vulnerabilities. With time teenagers want to push limits,want to cherish independence, and become more and more rebellious along with that they want to explore sexual limits.

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With all the advanced technology and smart gadgets, this and any other kind of experiment are easier as everyone has a cellphone,tablet, or laptop. Sexting is getting common day by day and parents must keep a check on the kids by any means to keep them away from this social hazard.

Sexting may be a combination of text message and sex but the truth is that also includes sending nudes or an explicit video file as well.  Depend on the study the reports about sexting show two opposite kinds of statistics. Reports suggest that the young generation that sends sexual content in any form like message or image or video file may be as low as  1.3% or as high as 60%. Either way unfortunately this way of living is becoming the new normal which is not at all good news for this generation as well as the parental community.

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In the present case scenario,the only thing that can make parents at ease is access to the digital device of the teen and social media platforms. Sound impossible plus difficult right?.But what if I tell you it is a very simple and easy and three-step process then what will you do. It is as simple as it sounds. Use spy apps like the Ogymogy and for those who think Snapchat is the way out,the app offers a best Snapchat spy app.

Have Access To The Text Box:

Snapchat has a self-destructive feature that makes its content disappear after a certain period. That period can be some seconds. But don’t let it fool you to send a text message that contains,sexual content or foul language. Use the app and keep an eye on the text message content of your teen. No no need to worry about the disappeared text as the Snapchat spy app keeps a record of everything for you.

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Say No To Nudes :

Use the OgyMogySnapchat spy app to keep an eyeon the media file shared through the social media platform. One can send the photo with tons of filters and stickers. The teenager may find this app more secure due to all the privacy setting but don’t allow them to share nudes or other sensitive content with perfect strangers. The OgyMogy spy app can help you with that.


Track Any Sexual Offender In Their Contacts:

Teenagers think all online friends are like a real friends. But as an adult and their guardian you know that there is no such thing as online friendship especially on the photo-sharing app. Use the Snapchat spy app and monitor the contact list remotely to track any weirdo or sexual offender.

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Say No To Sexual Video or Gifs:

Snapchat allows its users to share photos and videos with online friends. As a parent make sure your kid is not sharing unethical or vulnerable personal content with a so-called friend or perfect strangers. Just for the sake of more following don’t allow them to share personal content. As it can make them a victim of cyber bullying or harassment in the future.

In case you want to argue that you use apps that offer privacy and secrecy like Snapchat and do not allow you to share the personal message well you are at fault.17% teen share these kinds of messages they receive with other and among them, 55% share it with more than one party.So in case, you were being careless thinking that it will not find its way to others or other social media platforms you are wrong. Check out the OgyMogy feature list and use best facebookspy apps features just like the Snapchat spy app for digital monitoring.

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