5 Reasons To Have Family Vacation In Bhutan

bhutan family vacation

Bhutan is a popular tourist destination and a powerful country in terms of environmental protection and happiness, and it is without a doubt the ideal place to visit if you are a nature lover. Bhutan mostly receives visitors from India as they are the neighboring country and a well-known contributor to Bhutan’s economy. If you are not traveling from India, you might receive a visa on arrival Bhutan, there are other processes to follow and a little documentation is required, but they will all be taken care of by the travel agent.

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Bhutan Family Tour lets you and your family discover this magnificent nation with its breathtaking landscapes while also having an unforgettable time together during your Bhutan trip from India. Admire the stunning sights in the West and learn about Bhutanese life in traditional villages in the East, all of which will delight your senses and be incredibly significant to your family.

So,if you’re planning a family vacation, there are many reasons to visit Bhutan, which you may see, explore, and enjoy. Let’s get started!

1. KuenselPhodrang (Buddha Dordenma Statue) in Thimphu

Must-see sight during your Bhutan trip from India is KuenselPhodrang in Thimphu, the country’s capital. A 54-meter-tall Buddha Dordenma Statue can be seen from almost all places throughout the valley.

The best time to see this popular tourist destination is during the morning. It’s when the golden bronze statue shines brightly and appears heavenly; it’s also the finest time to take your photography skills to the next level and create memories with your family. In this popular attraction, the Bhutan tourist fee for Indianis not chargeable unless you want to visit other sacred or informational attractions within Thimphu.

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2. Paro Taktsang in Paro

Paro Taktsang, also known as the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, is one of Bhutan’s most treasured gems and a must-see destination and with a reasonable Bhutan visa cost. A very well-known places that may not require an introduction.

It is likely that a large number of tourists visit Bhutan each year, and a stay here during a family vacation couldn’t be more enjoyable. The ascent is somewhat steep, although pony/horses are available if your legs cannot make it.

 A visit to Paro Taktsang during your Bhutan trip from India can provide a spiritual experience that words cannot explain. No journey to Paro is complete without stopping by this beautiful monastery that appears to be stuck to the face of a rock wall.

3. Dongkola Lhakhang (monastry) in Paro

Hiking is always an exciting activity that any adventurer enjoys, including those on vacation with their families. As a result, one vibrant location in Bhutan, Paro, boasts a variety of sites that serve as the greatest spots to hike. Dongkola Lhakhang stands out among the many. People come to see the old temple of Dongkola, which houses the Buddha Sakyamuni statue. A trip to roughly 3,370 meters may be difficult, but if you have youngsters who have a passion for trekking, you will make it.

This Lhakhang (temple) is situated on a mountaintop between Paro and Thimphu, with Shaba in Paro being the closest village to begin the ascent. The splendor you will see includes multiple stupas and picturesque towns, all of which are encircled by an emerald green coniferous forest. And once you’ve arrived at Dongkola Lhakhang, you’ll be able to see the gorgeous Paro valley with its snow-capped Himalayan range. In addition, the temples of PhuduGoenpa and Mendhu temple are two historical sites worth visiting. All the experience within your budget Bhutan visa cost.

4. The Haa Valley

A stroll along the Haa valley may be the ideal activity for parents who want to take their children on an adventure while also learning about Bhutan’s rich culture and agriculture during your Bhutan trip from India. As you stroll down the old mud route originally used by rice planters, you will gain insight into the country’s farming and agronomy. The journey will cross too many enthralling sights of paddy fields as you go farther on this popular hiking track.

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A climb up the Haa Valley also takes you through several Buddhist villages in Paro, where you can connect with the people during your Bhutan trip from India. And one of the most significant elements we can extract on the heritage tour is ‘peace,’ which can be found everywhere here.

You may also like to go to hiking to areas like KatshoGoemba and Jana Dingkha, both historic monasteries in Haa Valley. Consider trekking from March to June, when the popular Rhododendron woods are at their most vibrant.

5. Gangtey Valley

Your Bhutan Trip cost toGangtey Valley, also known as Phobjikha Valley, is one of the most beautiful spots to explore while in Bhutan. Its natural beauty is so enticing that you might spend hours exploring the valley and never grow weary of it, especially if you are a nature lover seeking peace and solitude. This valley is also a great place to visit for educational tours. Visit the Crane Information Centre to learn about the endangered black-necked cranes and the wetlands with your children.

The center also has a high-powered telescope that is ideal for seeing these birds in action. Gangtey Monastery, which is cared for by Gomchen families, is located in this valley that is as vast as the ocean. Certainly the ‘it’ spot for exploration and education and a must-see venue for anyone visiting under a reasonable Bhutan trip cost on vacation.

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Information For Travelers From India

Bhutan is one of India’s closest neighbors, so it’s no wonder that it’s also one of the most popular vacation destinations for Indians. While proximity is an important factor in becoming a popular pick, it’s also important to realize what else this country has to offer and how you can make your Bhutan trip from India with your family a fruitful one. Given below are the requirements for Indians traveling to Bhutan:

The Visa Requirement

Bhutan does not require a visa for Indian passport holders. India is one of the few countries that share a border with Bhutan, and the two countries get along swimmingly.

As a result, unlike nationals of a few other nations with a Visa on arrival Bhutan, Indians do not require a Bhutan visa. Instead, you must have other documents to enter Bhutan as an Indian citizen.

About Entry Permit To Bhutan

To enter Bhutan, Indian passport holders must first get an entry permit from the Phuentsholing Immigration Office. This permission is valid for seven days, and individuals travelling to Bhutan by road must present it for verification at each checkpoint.

Indians who want to stay longer than seven days must go to the Thimpu immigration office and seek an extension of their stay permit. You do not have to worry about your Bhutan Trip cost because you can find the best deals for the best prices if you plan your trip with your family.

The Current Situation

  1. Due to the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kingdom of Bhutan has placed limits on overseas visitors on Bhutan trip from India.
  1. According to the RGoB’s (Royal Government of Bhutan) current protocol, mandatory institutional quarantine for fully vaccinated incoming passengers is set at two weeks and three weeks for all other inbound travelers. Those planning to travel to Bhutan must have an RTPCR Negative report from within the last 72 hours.
  1. As a result, Indians who wish to visit Bhutan for tourism must consent to a 14-day required quarantine period.
  1. Please coordinate your entry into Bhutan with Bhutan’s NC19TF (National Covid-19 Task Force) before leaving India.
  1. For your Bhutan trip from India, you must also keep yourself updated on the latest advisories/travel restrictions published by the Royal Government of Bhutan.


Bhutan Family Packages are a great way to spend time with your family. You’ll find everything you need in this package to relax and indulge, special with your friends, a trip to your favorite place, or a new adventure on your own. Relive your life and spice it up a little with fascinating Bhutan vacations.

It’s very exotic and theatrical. From its rich Buddhist culture to its secluded Himalayan location, this place has it all. People in Bhutan have hard but fulfilling lives, entrenched in centuries of tradition but eager to embrace the twenty-first century. Bhutan appears to be a place that no longer exists. Feel the magic with us on our one-of-a-kind family vacation experience.